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Parry Skill
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Parry Skill Training

Parrying is used to completely block melee blows or archery shots from opponents. In usual practise you must equip a Shield in order to parry - Which type doesn't make a difference (unless the item has an additionally listed Defense Chance Increase bonus).  On UO Stones the Parry skill has now been changed when wearing a shield you will now receive damage decreases with a block and damage dodge chance and same goes for when holding two handed items so parry is now usable and viable with all items!

If you fail to parry, a shield offers no protection aside from any Item Properties it might have displayed (such as Resistances).

As a character gains in Parry as well as Bushido, the system changes somewhat: Your chance to block with a shield falls, and instead you gain the ability to parry with a sword. An additional bonus is granted if the weapon is double handed.


  • 1 - 40 (Optional): You can buy up to 40 skill at the trainer in New Haven. 
  • 40 - 120:  Equip a shield and get into melee range of a training rat. You can start at 0 if you wish to save a little gold.

Forum » (Server) » Wiki » Skills » Parry Skill (How it works)
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