New World and Small Map:
Ultima Online Hallowed Realms features a brand new landmass for players to inhabit and explore. The world size has been dramatically decreased and travel by roads accentuated to help facilitate constant player interaction. You never know what or whom you may run into next.

Multi - Era Based:
You read that right! Playing at the Hallowed Realms offers Current Era enjoyers and T2A Era enjoyers both a place to play and enjoy, having Trammel as our current Era play style, then offering Felucca with a T2A Era that many will remember.

This style of shard is one of the first to launch with this style of play and many, many hours were put into the balance and rebalancing of this plan and concept to keep things true to their Eras, appealing to players and enjoyable for everyone!

Of course what would a Uo free shard be with out loads of custom content we have that also, and spent many hours coding truly unique systems and content just for Hallowed Realms we are like no other shard in that regard!

Completely Reworked & Overhauled Skills:
Every single skill was reworked and overhauled at Hallowed Realms, a lot of time, thought, and determination was put into every skill to make them all usable and viable to aid you on your adventures, plus enjoy learning all new character builds!

Balanced and Diverse Combat:
A system painstakingly balanced over the span of years with the input from hundreds of players that melds the world of two beloved eras of Ultima Online allowing players a rich diversity of play-styles, templates and skill builds!

Balanced and Reinvented Loot System:
Another system that was painstakingly balanced and completely gutted and redone in hopes to provide unique experiences on the monsters that you spend so much time slaughtering.

Bounty Boards and Murderers:
A unique system created by Hallowed Realms, imitated by others, to establish a balance of genuine risk for player killers. The bounty boards and the player bounty hunting system tracks the penalties and honor of all players.

Player Owned Housing:
Ultima Online's unparalleled house and land ownership continues on Hallowed Realms. Improving things further with new, additional houses to purchase and own, with all new sizes for all your guild town needs!

Player Crafting:
Ultima Online's crafting system provides a unique gameplay experience unlike none other. Players can obtain great wealth and notoriety simply by playing as a merchant. Hallowed Realms accentuates this further with new craftable items and all new resources to be discovered.

Rares and Collecting:
Planned from the very start, a systematic approach to distribution for every current and future item from wearables to decorations to one of a kind homes. With varying degrees of rarity, difficulty and methods to obtain. A rich and rewarding collecting economy in Hallowed Realms.

Enhanced Artifact System:
We feature over 100 million custom artifacts and combinations that can be obtained, you will never see two of the same artifacts from our system. These items range from wearables to deco for your house!

Always Play To Win, Never Pay To Win:
That's right we do not accept any kind of donations for any type of in game item, we pledge to remain that way for the life of the shard! Sending in a donation or subscribing to the shards patreon is solely for helping with shard costs not for staff to profit from!