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Herding Training
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Herding Skill

In the traditional sense herding allows players to direct the movement of any tamable creature. They can either be moved to a specific location or made to follow your character indefinitely. Unlike conventional pets there is no known limit to the amount of herded creatures you may have following you at one time, though they won't travel with you through moongates.  However, on UO Stones, herding does much more than move your animals around!  You gain extra control slots AND up to 6% extra damage done by each animal you control.

Your chance of success when giving an order is equal to that of your current skill level. The taming difficulty of your target creature has no effect and there is no wait time between attempts.
Area effect peacemaking will stop creatures from following you.


To use your Herding skill to herd animals:

  • Place a Shepherd's Crook in your hand, or your pack.
  • Double-click the crook.
  • Target the animal you wish to herd.
  • Target the location you wish the animal to move toward.
  • If you target yourself the animal will follow you.
  • If successful, the animal moves in the direction you intend.

The Herding system messages are as follows:

  • Which animal do you wish to heard?
  • You don't seem able to persuade that to move.
  • Click to where you wish the animal to go.
  • The animal walks to where instructed to.
  • The animal begins to follow you.


  • 0 - 30: Buy from an NPC Rancher.
  • 30 - 35: Herd Polar Bears.
  • 35 - 40: Herd Snow Leopards.
  • 40 - 50: Herd White Wolves, Grizzly Bears or Great Harts.
  • 50 - 80: Herd Bulls.
  • 80 - 120: Unicorns, Kirins, Cu Sidhe. It will be really slow closer to 120 but you won't die.
  • 100 - 120: Greater Dragons. Deadly but faster.  If you don't have stealth, just keep herding Cu Sidhe, Unicorn or Fire Beetles.

Bonuses for Herding Skill

Below is the pet slot control bonus players will receive. Player's controlled pets will also receive a scaling bonus damage of up to 6% total at 120.

  • 100 = 6 Slots
  • 105 = 7 Slots
  • 110 = 8 Slots
  • 115 = 9 Slots
  • 120 = 10 Slots

Forum » (Server) » Wiki » Skills » Herding Training (How it works)
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