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Bonus Loot System
Heamo_GoblinDate: Friday, 2019-08-16, 4:28 AM | Message # 1
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The Bonus Loot System was put into place so that even when farming common Mobs you have a shot at getting a nice drop instead of just all their basic loot items!

All mobs with a base damage of 5 have a chance at dropping a bonus loot item when killed.
All Bosses grant a 100% chance for a bonus loot item and a 50% chance for a double bonus loot item!

Luck increases your % chance to get Bonus Loot Items 100 Luck will grant you with a 1% loot chance.
The 1% loot chance is not a calculation of 1 of 100 mobs you will get an item but a 1% chance to obtain an item period when the mob is killed.

Keep in mind Felucca has a 2x chance for all bonus loot items to drop due to its double luck bonus!

Bonus Loot System Calculation

The bonus loot system runs completely off of luck, 100 luck gives you a 1% chance at a bonus loot item seeing how each item can Cap at 500+ luck & in felucca luck is doubled! So that double's your bonus loot chance compared to farming in trammel, so for example 800 luck would grant you with a 8% chance and in felucca you would have a 16% chance at an item once the mob is killed!
It will roll a math equation calculating your luck into the system it’s self, an then either a yes or no to roll said bonus loot item the math calculations the way the system calculates the math is it looks at your 16% chance and says yes give this player a bonus loot item from said Mob or no you won’t get one an it’s done that way so players can’t take advantage of the system and learn how it calculates it sounds confusing like the odds are fully against you but they are not!
So in theory the system is not one that calculates math as In this player has 16% chance at a drop rate so example every 1 of 80 kills will be a for sure drop!

Keep in Mind their are a total of 10,000,000 Different Loot Combinations These Items Can Drop In You Will Never See The Same Item twice!

Forum » (Server) » Wiki » Unique Systems » Bonus Loot System (How it works and what rewards you can obtain.)
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