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Guild Color System
Heamo_GoblinDate: Thursday, 2019-08-15, 7:52 AM | Message # 1
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If you have managed to save up the money it takes in your guild collection plates in order to buy a wealth status that of a guild hue it is vary easy and simple! I Will Explain The Process Below For You!

Go to The Town Center, under Customs tab on the moongate to find Guss the Guild Dye Vendor.  Guss is located inside a building to the north west of the moongate location there.

You can buy the right to reserve your hue for a total of 20,000,000 Gold.

You can take some time before paging staff to look at all 3,000 Hues We Offer On Our Server by Double Clicking on the Test Tubs Behind Guss!

Once you have Finished Looking at the hues, You Can Then Page Staff To Come And Fill It Out your book!
It is done this way so we can keep track of who has what color and if that guild is still playing on the shard or not.
That way if the guild is no longer playing we can make that color available again!

Now That is just to reserve the hue so it can not be bought by another Guild.
You still have to buy all of your dye tubs an that can be done by, Buying the Guild Dye Tub Deed from Guss.
Guild Dye Tub Deeds Are 10,000,000 Gold Each and their are currently 8 total dye tubs you can buy!

Below is the Guild Dye Tub Deed, Dye Tub Selection Gump!

After you figure out what Dye Tub you would like to buy for your guild first just click the Grey diamond and it will place the Dye Tub into your Backpack.

Once you have your dye tub take it to your house and lock it down where ever you would like and page staff!
We will then come to you and apply your guild hue to your dye tub!
(Note) - Please have your Guild Hue Reserve Book in your inventory so we can make sure you are the proper owner of the guild hue you are wanting placed on your dye tub!

Rules to having a guild hue are vary simple!
1. No trading items in your guild color to out side players that are not in your guild.
2. No selling of items in your guild color on vendors, or the auction system.
3.You paid enough for your guild color keep it among your guildies!
(Please Note) - if these rules are broken Staff can removed your guild color with out any notice so make smart choices please!
If you have a guild member braking these rules and they refuse to listen to you let staff know and we will talk with them!

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Forum » (Server) » Wiki » Unique Systems » Guild Color System (How It Works!)
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