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Pet Breeding
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Pet Breeding: 
A look at pet breeding and how it's done. 

Stat/Skill Calculations: 
What am I going to get by breeding my pets? 

Pet breeding is a fun way for two pet owners to make a new pet with equal or better stats than the parent pets. Some times the baby does not get the same stats as its parents. It could be born with the average attributes of the parents. 

See the formula below: 

Mothers Str = 30 
Fathers Str = 78 
30 + 78 = 108 
108 / 2 = 54 
54 + Random Bonus of 1 to 3 = new baby str. 

This is how it is for all stats, resistances etc. 

Pets born in the wild have a chance to have a maxium level of 30. You won't find pets born in the wild (spawned) with a max level over 30. Keep in mind that the babys stats are not made up of the max level of the parents. It is made up of their current level at the time you choose to breed them. 

If you breed the 2 level 30 pets together. The baby will have a max level above 30 between 31 - 33 and every level the pet gets ability points to apply to this stat, resists, and etc. 

See the formula below: 

Mother Current Level = 30 
Father Current Level = 27 

30 + 27 = 57 
57 / 2 = 28.5 ( 28 ) 
28 + random bonus of 1 to 3 = babys new max level 

Tamable npcs come in both male and female. 

Each time you breed a pet the baby gets a point added to this generation telling people its breeding level. All pets born in the wild are generation 1. 

Once you breed the generation 1 animal its baby will become 2. If one of the parents is generation 1 and the other is generation 3, the owner of the generation 1 pet will get a baby that is generation 2, the owner of the generation 3 pet will get a baby that is generation 4. 

Breeding time: 
Both owners will get one baby from mating. Breeding takes 3 days and must be done within the area around a pet breeder. 

How to Breed: 
Once your pet reaches level 9 you will see a new breeding button in the npc. 
After you see this button you can visit an npc animal breeder with a friend and his level 9 pet to start the breeding process. If your pet is below level 9 you will not see the button for breeding as seen 

Claiming Your Pets: 
Both owners will get a claim ticket and their pets that are breeding will be stabled by the pet breeder. The owners will not be able to use their breeding pets while the mating is taking place (3 days). The claim ticket will tell you the time to return and the cost it will be to claim your baby and parent. 

The claim ticket looks like a normal deed. When you mouse over it you get a gump showing you the breeding details 

Cancel the mating process: 
At any time the owners can click once on the claim ticket and pick "Cancel" this will cancel breeding for that owner only returning the parent pet to that owners stable. Not baby will be given. 

End of mating/breeding period: 
Once the owners mating time is up they must return to the animal breeder and drop the ticket on them. The animal breeder will then take the money needed from the owners bank account, and give the new baby to the owner. The parent pet will be transfered to the owners stable. The owner has to shrink or stable all pets before claiming the baby (including dismounting ethy mounts). 

Pets that are level 9 or higher can breed. 
Pets cannot cross breed at this time. 
A single owner cannot breed two of thier own pets. You must find a 2nd person. 
Two pets of the same gender cannot breed. 
Pets that have high stats (Strong) will have a chance to fail mating. If this happens owners will have to wait 12 hours before tring to mate them again. 
To breed a pet you must be in the same area as a pet breeder npc and click once on your pet and pick "NPC Info" from the context menu then select the pet breeding button from the NPC Info menu.

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