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Runescrafting And Enhancing
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Rune Crafting System:

The rune crafting & enchanting system allows scribes to create special enchanting runes. They are used to augment weapons, armor, shields, clothing, and jewelry.
Each rune adds a different effect to the item, though many runes can enchant every type of equipment, not every rune can.

Example: Certain runes may only work on weapons while others only work on armor or clothing etc.
You can buy the items needed to start your rune crafting from the supply stone in Britain. You will need to buy a Rune Chisel.
Rough Stones can be found as a drop from the Rough Stone Elemental. It can be found in Umbra.

The base resource for the rune crafting system is the Rough Stone.

The skill Inscription is required both for creating the runes and enchanting items with them.
The skill Magery is required to be able to use the Rune Chisel.
I would not attempt to apply a rune to any gear unless you have at least 3,000 Luck!

It is possible to stack 2 runes of the same kind onto an item, they WILL stack!
There is no maximum amount of properties that can be added.

Note: There is a chance that the targeted item will break every time you try to enchant it. So you probably won't
want to add too many properties on an item. Also the more runes you add to a item will increase it's chances of braking!

Forum » (Server) » Wiki » Unique Systems » Runescrafting And Enhancing (How runecrafting works)
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