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BOD System
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BOD System and Possible Rewards

In order to get a BOD, you must have at least 60.0 in the required skill.

To receive one, find the proper NPC, click on them once, and then select Bulk Order Deed. If you can receive a BOD, a gump will appear detailing what the NPC wants you to make, how many of the desired item, and any special requirements. You can either decline or accept the order. You are required to be of 60 skill level to receive a BOD.

If it is not time for you to receive a BOD, the NPC will tell you so with the remaining time in minutes. You may only request a Bulk Order every 6 hours or can turn one in to reset the timer and get another immediately.

You may receive BODs from the following skill related NPCs:  Blacksmiths, Tailors, Carpenters, Bowyers and Animal Trainers.

All BODs reward tokens, gold, and gold checks.
All the skills listed below also can receive a Bag of Resources related to their particular skill.

Animal Taming Rewards:

Bio Engineer Book
Bio Tools
Clothing of Animal Lore (+1,+3 and +5)
Dragon Trophy East
Dragon Trophy South
Footwear of Veterinary (+1,+3 and +5)
Horse Barding Addon East
Horse Barding Addon South
Pet Bonding Deed
Wooden Horse
Power Scrolls

Blacksmith Rewards:

Armor of Smithing (+1,+3 and +5)
Armor of Mining (+1,+3 and +5)
Charged Dye Tub
Colored Forge Addon
Smither's Protector
Sturdy Smith Hammer
Runic Blacksmith Hammer
Deco Rewards: Chainmail Tunic, Chainmail Leggings, Decorative Armor, Decorative Sword and Shield, Decorative Scale Shield, Sword Display.
Gargoyles Pickaxe
Powder of Fortification
Sturdy Pickaxe
Sturdy Shovel
Sharpening Blade
Power Scrolls
Prospector's Tool
Powder Of Temperament
Ancient Hammer
Power Scroll

Bowyer Rewards:

Runic Fletcher Tools
Charged Dye Tub
Deco Rewards: Archery Butte North and West, Stack of Arrows, Stack of Logs North and West, Stack of Boards North and West.
Armor of Bow Fletching (+1,+3 and +5)
Power Scrolls
Armor of Lumberjacking  (+1,+3 and +5)
Gargoyles Axe
Sturdy Lumberjack Axe
Sturdy Axe
Stain of Durability
Ancient Fletcher Hammer
Leather Gloves of Lumberjacking (+1,+3 and +5)

Carpentry Rewards:
Armor of Carpentry (+1,+3 and +5)
Armor of Lumberjacking (+1,+3 and +5)
Leather Gloves Of Lumberjacking (+1,+3 and +5)
Charged Dye Tub
Deco Rewards
Sturdy Lumberjacks Axe
Gargoyles Axe
Runic Dovetail Saw
Power Scrolls
Stain of Durability
Lumberjacking Prospectors Tool
Ancient Carpenter Hammer
Sturdy Axe
Deco:  Vise South and East, Unfinished Chair South and East, Unfinished Chest South and East, Unfinished Shelves South and East.

Tailoring Rewards:

Armor of Tailoring (+1,+3 and +5)
Charged Dye Tub
Colored Loom
Colored Scissors
Runic Sewing Kit
Masters Knife
Gargoyles Knife
Sturdy Sewing Kit
Tailor's Protector
Colored Cloth
Colored Sandals
Power Scrolls
Deco:  Stretched Hide, Tapestry, Bear Rug, Polar Bear Rug,
Clothing Bless Deed

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