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All new item property when shields are equipped you will now see the damage they reduce!
All new item to the House Addon Store Dragon Rugs!
Voting stone with single gump for multiple sites.
All new plots were added to the house placement tool and a new category guild foundations these are all new 23x23 and 32x32 plots castle and keep size plots!
You can now double click your vendors and rotate them in the selected direction you wish!]
All vendors can now have a display item infront of them to attracted players!
Base charm system has been completed and will be tested during patch 20!
All custom random roll artifacts have a chance to roll with a 5% crit chance cap!
-Only ones that can not are clothing items and quivers!
All core looted shields will now have a chance to roll with other resistances rather then just physical!
All random roll Jewelry Artifacts now ... Read more »

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