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Item Leveling
Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2017-07-03, 2:23 AM | Message # 1
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How to Level 

Leveling a weapon is no fun, anyone will tell you that. However, it is extremely valuable, as you can create weapons that you only dreamed of on OSI. Leveling a wep is like leveling a character on an MMO such as EQ or WoW; as you gain levels, the amount of XP needed per level increases, by 200 per level. Level 50 = 250,000 XP while Level 100 = 999,990 XP. As you can see, levels become much harder to obtain as you get higher. Therefore, make sure you add the stats you need before level 50, the 1/4 mark. If leveling a Yumi, make sure you have added Mana Leech, any char stats or hit lightning before you reach 50. After 50 it will be a while before you can add significant points to anything.The main question that every person asks when they begin leveling a weapon is "what do I kill?" Ideally, you want monsters you can one or two shot. Liches are a good example of this. When leveling, take a look at the tokens you are earning from kills; these are usually a good indication of how much XP you gain per kill. Skeletons will give 3 tokens and about 20 XP, while liches give about 55 tokens and 60 XP.This is a list of common places/monsters that people hunt for XP:- Doom: Devourer of Souls, Liches, Flesh Golem, Skeles, basically anything in here is good- Deceit: Quite a few liches in here- Undead Camp, north of Delucia, by Savage Camp: Savages and a lot of undead- Fire: Lot of good stuff to kill in here, was tweaked to have a lot more guys to killWhen you first start off, undead and savages are both good bets as they are easy to kill and do not pose much of a threat. Doom and Fire can both overwhelm younger players, so be wary. 

Upon killing creatures, the levelable items will gain experience. Once experience reaches certain points, the item will gain a level. Upon gaining levels, the item will receive "spending points". These points can be used to purchase attribute enhancements to the item via use of a gump. 

You can single click a levelable item and click on information context menu to bring up the Item Experience Gump. 
At the time of this writing, according to the Staff Team, it is not legal to level your weapon if you are AFK. For example, you shouldn't make a macro for healing yourself and then just stand in an area where monsters spawn which would level your weapon while you're away from keyboard if found doing so you may end up in jail.

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