Installing Ultima Online Hallowed Realms

Welcome to Ultima Online Hallowed Realms!  HR features a brand new map, new monster animations, new items, comeplete custom hue file with 3,000 colors! Game systems and much, much more so therefor requires a custom installer and game client!

Simply download our Launcher, choose your install directory, and away you go!

Important Notes:

1. Make an exception for the Hallowed Realms launcher in your AntiVirus prior to installing.   If the launcher cannot connect to the internet, it cannot download and install the required files.    

2. Right click “HallowedRealms.exe” and select “Run as Administrator” when you first install Hallowed Realms.   “Run as Administrator” will fix 95% of any issues you experience moving forward, and guarantee the client and assistant have the privileges needed to create client and assistant profiles.