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New Player Guide
RazelleDate: Saturday, 2021-01-23, 2:00 AM | Message # 1
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New Player Guide

Greetings Fair Traveler!  Welcome to UO Stones! This guide is intended to give a brief overview of the shard and how to get started.  You may find yourself with more questions please search the wiki in it's entirety or just use the the search option. We are not like all the cut n paste UO Servers that you will find out there.  Many of our systems are custom built.  Many skills have been reworked, especially anything that was "useless" has now been made a viable skill.

UO Stones Town Center

All new players start in this area. Be sure to explore this area fully.  You'll find it is our main hub for players:

  • New Players start in the Throne room
  • In the inner parts of the castle you'll find a lot of specialty vendors
  • Just outside you'll find the Monster Hunter who gives out Monster Contracts
  • Corpse Summoner - he'll bring your corpse to you if you can't get to it.
  • Vendor Stores
  • Vote Stones
  • Raffle Stones
  • Bee Keeper
  • Gardener
  • Training Rats (teleporter to that area is out in front of the castle)
  • New Player Dungeon (near the Training Rats)
  • Blacksmith's Shop
  • Tailor's Shop
  • Stables

Getting started:

New characters start inside Lord British's Castle in Trammel.  You will find in your pack some unique items.

  • Beginner's Guide (please read!)
  • Codex of Wisdom (set 5 skills to 70)
  • Reagent Storage (not blessed)
  • Master Storage (for more info)
  • A Rolled up tent (for more info)
  • Codex of Fortune (which modifies stats)

You should use the Codices first and be sure to read the guide. Be sure to check the new player chest for some free starter gear and talk to the NPC, Sally the New Player Escort.  Nearby you will find some player NPCs that you can escort for easy gold.  There is also a protal to our training area.  As Lord Britsh's castle is quite large you should spend some time exploring it as there area many things to see (and buy!).  There are training weapons and training Rat Elementals at the back of the castle.  You can either run there or use the ortal.  Back where those are is also the entrance to our New Player Dungeon.

Basic Commands

The list below is not the whole list, please utilize the command [HelpInfo to see the entire list!  I guarantee we have more commands for players than any server in existence always putting convince at your finger tips!

[HelpInfo - Provides a detailed list of commands
[C - Allows players to speak globally
[MyStats - Brings up detailed player information.
[Loot - Loots all nearby corpses that the player has access to.
[MyHouses - Lists the players current houses.
[GetPet - Pulls  a pet to you that was left behind.

For a Full list of commands Click Here!

Helpful suggestions

  • Insure your items!
  • Check for healers in the area where you are hunting.
  • PvP occurs in Felucca, new players may want to avoid that facet until they are ready.
  • Before adventuring out, you may want to stock up on bandages, potions, and check the durability on your gear.
  • Check out the info on Power Hours: Here

AzlarDate: Wednesday, Yesterday, 8:46 PM | Message # 2
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when is the server coming back up?
Heamo_GoblinDate: Thursday, Today, 4:00 AM | Message # 3
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Quote Azlar ()
when is the server coming back up?

The shard has not been opened to the public yet it is still under development at this time i am not sure how players are already finding it as we have done no advertising what so ever...

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