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Public Beta Launch!

We are going to be opening stones up for public beta testing i feel the time has come to start getting players feedback on what has currently been done an what needs to be done!

At this time we can not say if accounts will be kept or not after the public beta that will depend on many factors as of now we are going to leave that choice (Reserved) For a later time as many things can change from now till Official Launch.

Alot of work has went into this beta an alot more work needs to be done still but having active players on and playing will help to get things tested perfected and polished correctly! Player feedback is going to be a huge role in this beta phase! So be sure to post and speak up about things Ideas, suggestions, bugs etc! http://uostones.ucoz.net/forum

If you have not registered and signed up on the website i would suggest doing so that way you can post on the sites forums! http://uostones.ucoz.net/index/3

We have no ETA of how long the public beta will be! I am planning to keep it in a beta for 2-6 months just so stones staff has time to get things finished, fixed and polished the way we want them to be. Not counting doing anything or fixing anything that pops up in the beta!

We are not going to do any (Paid) Advertising until we have an official launch day! Main reasons behind this choice is saving money and shard stability. As we said this beta time we are going to use to fix things and get them working/looking the way we want them to an a first appearance is everything in the UO Freeshard world today! An we wanna keep players not piss them off to leave due to mass updates, changes, etc.

What are you waiting for?

Start adventuring young warriors!

The dragons are waiting to rip the flesh from your bones.


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