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Patch 19.1 Public Beta
Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2019-11-04, 2:49 AM | Message # 1
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Patch 19.1 Public Beta Notes
If you find any issues, please report them here on our official Bug reporting thread!

Or report them on the discord bug-report section!

Be sure to follow the shards Development on Trello!

Percey The Pet Scientist to the town center she will sale bio books, bio tools, and Pet elixer kits.
Mandy the rune crafter to town center will sale runecrafting tools.
Night sight deeds to the token stone.
Clothing basket to the token stone.
35 Brand new Artifacts to the Rugged Treasure Chest.
New Boss is now lurking in the Sorcerer's Dungeon A Shadow Figure.
All custom Mobs will now drop Artifacts from our Artifact system to help get more of them into the world.
All custom bosses can now use random weapon abilities.
Legolas the basket weaver has been added to town center and will now sale all items needed for basket weaving.
Treasure tile deco arty to treasure map chests and paragon chests.
Shard travel map to the tool stone in tc.
New players bags will now come with a stat book.
New NPC to Town center Rhonda the deco master will now sale all kinds of new cool deco crafting tools.
New npc to town center Candide The gem merchant she will now sale socketing gem bags in exchange for blackrock pieces.
Back in the New OSI loot system and it will be staying in the shard we will just be working,
^Hard to make it more balanced!
10k pet xp scroll back to the bonus loot system.

Pet elixer vial sets have been removed from the token stone.
Rune chisel has been removed from the token stone.
The bonus loot system so that some items have a better chance of dropping.
Some items were removed from the bonus loot system.
^Pet exp scrolls, 1k to 10k scrolls were removed, And the reward boxes have been removed.
^^in total we removed 10 items to increase the odds for better rewards.
Price for the Multi soulstone.
Price for the armory.
Skill scrolls got a buff they will now range from .1 skill to .9 max.
Loot Drops for Kocyte.
Loot Drops for Cleopatra.
ItemId for the Garment chest.
Name for the Rugged Treasure Chest to Rusty Treasure Chest.
Name for the Dusty Treasure Chest to Gilded Treasure Chest.
Forsaken Items got a name change to 3rd Age Items.
AOE Effect for Kocyte.
AOE effect damage for all custom mobs got a slight damage buff.
AOE effect range was 5 tiles it has now been buffed to 7 for all custom mobs.
Boss spawn timers have been adjusted.
Some Mob spawn Timers have been adjusted.
Legolas the basket weaver was removed from heartwood.
Poping champions now cost 100 orbs per champion.
Universal Dye Tubs will now have a max of 10 charges rather then 5.
Corroded Tool Box got a hue to make it look Corroded.
We have decided to bring back the old loot system.
^Spend more time working on balancing options for the system.
[Myhouses tele button has been removed until we change it to use camping.
Shard travel map was removed from the Platinum stone.
Heritage token was removed from the Platinum stone and added to the bonus loot system.
Corroded tool box had some items removed as they were added to be purchased with gold.
Huge buffs to all jewelry from our custom artifact system.
Gold cincture got a Luck buff.
Gold sash got a luck buff.
All customs sashes got huge buffs.
All custom cinctures got huge buffs.
Name dye tub got removed from the bonus loot system.
All socketing gems got all new ItemIds so they stand out more and are easier on the eyes.
All Socketing gems got the pet buffs removed as you can not socket pets.

Broken spawns in Blackthorns castle dragons and drakes were spawning in walls.
Missing doors in blackthrones castle.
Error in spelling with the raffle gumps.
Teleporters between jhelom islands in both trammel and felucca.
Teleporters in Covetous dungeon in both trammel and felucca.
The Stygian Drake can now be lored.
Problem with custom pets HP.
Fixed a crash problem with the item name dyes.
Fixed a possible crash problem with the raffle stones.
Pets will now have a 30% damage nerf when it comes to pvp.
^This will need testing so we balance it as needed.
You can no longer [Dump paragon chests that have not been opened.
Trash for tokens backpack will now calculate bags of items and not just the bag they are in.
When using the world teleporter to go anywhere you will be hidden till you move.
Pets will now keep up with you not just when set to guard.
Inscribe bug with mythic and necro has not using proper regs is now fixed.
Meditation now has the proper failure rate.
Dryad Allure has been removed once again due to an exploit the accounts were jailed
^For exploiting and not reporting it.

Staff Comments:
Alot of time and work was put into balancing mobs and items.
^not counting all the bug fixes that came up in this patch.
We spent alot of time bringing in easier ways to access alot of the content we offer here at stones.
^New ways to do things to keep you all hunting and playing!
We have spent countless hours testing this pet not wanting to listen bug players claim is going on!
^After this patch we are going to put this to rest as it is not a bug!
^^You either do not have the proper lore or tame level to go with the pet you are using.
^^^An that is why they do not want to listen or they disown you! After Countless hours of test this has been confirmed
^^^^that it is not a bug!

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