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Patch 19.0 Public Beta
Heamo_GoblinDate: Saturday, 2019-10-26, 1:16 AM | Message # 1
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Patch 19.0 Public Beta Notes
If you find any issues, please report them here on our official Bug reporting thread!

Or report them on the discord bug-report section!

Be sure to follow the shards Development on Trello!

Multi Account soulstone to the token stone.
Rift System.
Rift in Town center to turn in your rift shards to open rifts.
1,000 Blank Scrolls to the supply stone.
All custom bosses will now have a chance to drop Artifacts from the custom Artifact system!
Missing command to the new player guide book.
MOTD system for players to stay up to date in game with patch notes and shard news!
Krakens now have a chance at dropping gold pans.
Kocyte has made his way into stones killing any player that wishes to enter blood dungeon.
Missing Anhk back to Luna.

Removed the random bone deamon spawn in doom.
Raffle stones in TC were moved around.
Night sight deeds were removed from the token stone for now.
Removed some not needed gator spawns in Brit sewers.
Spawn timers for Brit graveyard.
Orcish Archers should not have been spawning in the trammel orc caves this has been fixed.
Orcish Shamans should not have been spawning in the trammel orc caves this has been fixed.
Spawners out side of orc caves in trammel and felucca so the moongate is no longer a death trap.
The core loot system has gotten more editing to make it more balanced in this patch.
The bonus loot system the luck chance has now been changed from 0.01% more chance per 250 luck to 0.1% chance.
Re-balanced Kocyte damage types.
Re-balanced Lady Cleopatra damage types.
VvV items have gotten a slight nerf on stats.
Forsaken armor sets have gotten a rebalance.
Animal Trainer got a nerf to be more balanced.
Removed the new OSI style loot system due to not being balanced.
^Put in place a brand new loot system that is balanced.

Despise trammel going up from the dungeon their was a missing teleporter.
Animal Lore bug has now been fixed you can now lore all mobs!
Storm pets can now be lored.
Storm pets will now use vet skill and not healing to be healed with bandages.
A bug with meditations formula it now is working properly.
The bug when crafting max amounts of items and logging out would cause a server crash.
Potion kegs not giving maximum potions but changing them to graters.
Mana refresh potions they will now stack.
All pet potions will now stack.
Mind potions crafting bug has been fixed.
Missing artifact rarity on the forsaken items.
Peacemaking got a fix when mobs are peaced they will no longer move.
When double clicking tokens you will now only get one send message.
Fixed nightsight deed so it will now delete when used.
You can no longer stable bios or mules with items in their packs.
All potions and potion kegs are now fixed.
The bug with crafting max items and logging out causing a server crash is now fixed.
Shame trammel dungeon system is now fixed!
[orginizeme will no longer delete your items when you are over weight still needs tested but am pretty sure it is fixed.

Staff Comments:
This patch was mainly focused on Bug fixes as some were causing server crashes.

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