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Patch 18.9 Public Beta
Heamo_GoblinDate: Wednesday, 2019-10-16, 8:18 AM | Message # 1
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___Patch 18.9 Public Beta Notes___

If you find any issues, please report them here on our official Bug reporting thread!


Or report them on the discord bug-report section!


Be sure to follow the shards Development on Trello!




Jewelry Box to the token stone.

Armor rack to the token stone.

Weapon rack to the token stone.

Armory to the token stone.

1,000 iron ingots to the supply stone.

1,000 leathers to the supply stone.

1,000 boards to the supply stone.

All new artifacts to the VvV system.

More missing spawners to Termur.

ItemID skill will now be used to socket items giving the skill a use!

[ChangeCharacter command so no more logging out and back in!

All Items from the Platinum stone into the Bonus loot system happy hunting!

New player guide book for all new players that will help them when starting out with lots of information.

Money Tree to the bonus loot system that once a day will give you free gold!

Bone Containers to the bonus loot system.

Arms lore will now effect all crafting skills and give bonuses to them.

Artifact Deeds to champion spawns so you now have a chance of getting one ontop of Powerscrolls!

Night sight deeds have been added to the token stone for 1,000 tokens.

Bone machetes to the token stone for 25,000 tokens.

5 new lantern artifacts to the Rugged treasure chest Bonus loot item!

Secure, Release, and trash options to the interior Decorator tool it is now completely overhauled!

All bosses will have a 100% drop rate for bonus loot items from now on!

Cleaning up brit vendor and trash barrel so you can now get the rewards!

Player login/logout and out announcer.

New player login announcer.

Random pet elixer drops to the bonus loot system.



Faster casting and cast recovery does roll on looted items its just a rare chance.

Worked on a balance for weapons so they not roll double hit spells.

Worked on shields so they will roll more balanced.

Worked on bows so they will not roll double hit spells.

Artifact system now all custom artifacts will have a chance to roll 100-500 luck!

Quivers for our custom artifact system got a lower ammo cost change from 5-30 it now can roll 5-50.

Forsaken items got a huge overhaul.

Artifact system has been overhauled once again to reflect better drops.

Removed everything from the old faction system.

Ice Myrmidex has been nerfed and adjusted.

Ore elementals will now drop the 25 ore that they should be dropping.

Item dye will now drop with a hue range from 1 - 3,000 an with all new bottle looks!

Ball of pet summoning has been removed from the token stone.

Dye tubs that drop from the bonus loot system that can be added to the dye rack will now drop

^with a hue range from 1 - 3,000.

Forgotten container got a huge overhaul.

Greater dragons leathers when skinned should not have been 30, it has been changed to reflect dragons 10 - 20 in felucca.

All custom tamables got huge buffs come this patch!

Mana refresh pots got a slight buff

Pet leveling system caps have got huge buffs.

Elixer system got huge buffs to be balance with the pet leveling system.

Some socket deeds have been removed from the bonus loot system.

^+3, +4, and +5 socket deeds have been removed.

Prices for the pet experience scrolls have been halfed as requested on the tool stone.

Players will no longer start with a city map.



[addtoparty command has been removed due to not splitting loot and its a useless command overall.

Spawns in blood dungeon so they are no longer spawning in the blood.

Spawns in eodon have been adjusted so they do now spawn in areas players can not get to.

Bug with new VvV Virtue artifacts not being mediable.

You will now get double leathers in felucca.

Travel atlas now reflects the same Felucca teles as the world teleporters.

VvV alters that were spawning ontop of the town npcs have been fixed.

VvV artifact system human helms are now removed they were never meant to be in the system.

100+ spawners around the shard.

Completely recoded and overhauled the Beekeeping system.

Completely recoded our custom bounty system.

Bug with greater dragons spawning with far too low hp has been fixed.


___Staff Comments___

Worked on cleaning up alot of scripts and server side scripts come this patch.

Staff has made the choices to remove pet breeding at this time.

^With removing breeding we gain making more usable pets and basing things off the leveling system.

^^Rather then keeping things balanced for both we just have to work twords one system.


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