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Patch 18.8 Public Beta
Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2019-10-07, 0:58 AM | Message # 1
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___Patch 18.8 Public Beta Notes___

If you find any issues, please report them here on our official Bug reporting thread!


Or report them on the discord bug-report section!


Be sure to follow the shards Development on Trello!




New Global chat box system.

Gargoyle Tool box item drop to Undead Gargoyles.

Gargoyle Tool box item drop to Fire Gargoyles.

Gargoyle Tool box item drop to Gargoyle Shades.

Gargoyle Tool box item drop to Enslaved Gargoyles.

Gargoyle Tool box item drop to Gargoyle Assassins.

Bank Bell to the platinum stone.

Raffle Stones to town center we will start raffling off items every week (Reserved) for now tho!

Resource Storage to the token stone.

Elixer Crating tool to the token stone.

Rune Chisel tool to the token stone.

All new donation deals to the website.

A new robe to the artifact system that was missing.

More Queens to the solen hives.

More unicorn spawns to the ilsh areas.



Blue Beetles are now only 2 pet slots.

Name change for Bottle of item stain to bottle of item dye.

Old chat system has been removed.

Synthetic leather now comes from wyverns.

Blaze leather now comes from ancient wyrms.

Global Box Chat Colors, Players will now be labeled as blue and all staff will be labeled in red.

Artifact system got big changes and buffs but only to the armor.

Hues on the global chat system now when you are in that room it will highlight red and when you are not it is white.

Item insurance got a system overhaul.

Removed the custom double click buy/Sale gump on npc vendors.

More changes to the base loot system when it comes to items.

ItemID for the Powerscroll Credits.

^If you have any old ones let staff know so they can be fixed!

Huge quality of life changes to solan hives on both sides Trammel and Felucca.

^Spawns have been changed and hand placed and spawned now no more waiting for queens!

^^Also the Missing zoogi patches have been spawned.

Spawns around the twisted weld removed the cusidhes from the sand area.

^Added three Cu spawns in the begaining of the area.

VVV Artifact rewards have been removed for the time being as they are not accurate.

Gallusaurus, Dimetrosaur, Najasaurus, Saurosaurus, have all been made tamable.

^Alot of these pets have gotten nerfed to be balanced with our custom systems only thing that was changed was Hitpoints.

^^Thank you (jacob) for pointing this out as it should have been done since day one!

Cusidhes have been reverted back to proper OSI stats.

^Cusidhes should have never been nerfed in the first place this was my mistake sorry.

Greater Phoenix have been made tamable.

More time was put into the loot systems balance it should be close to perfect.

World Teleporters Termur has been organized alphabetically like all other areas.

Tokens will no longer drop in Champion regions.

Res protection no longer works in Felucca.

[loot no longer gives you tokens.



Loot drops on all Egyptian mobs at ruined temple.

Egyptian solider spear got a small nerf.

ItemID on the bottle of item dye.

Undead Gargoyles should not have been dropping garg pickaxes.

Krakens have been fixed now they will no longer drop MIBS every kill.

^Rare Rope drop was also added to krakens.

Problem with not being able to make a second account.

Bug with dryads wanting to attack good karma players.

New shame system for trammel over spawning cave trolls.

a bug with the global chat system pulling up the online list when using the [t, and [g commands.

Rising Coleuses has been fixed!

Powerscroll exchange system has been redone.

Item Insurance has been set back to normal values.

Dryads fighting Changelings, and dire wolfs due to their low karma.

Item in tc that was giving a random crash when double clicked.

House visit are now fixed they only count when entering the house.

Angelic faith spell now when casted a second time takes you out of the angel form.

Dryad Allure is now fixed an you can not use it to tame mobs.

Evs spawn out red.

Colossus now spawns out red.

[bandageself now works with enhanced bandages but will not work with the ever lasting bandage.


___Staff Comments___

Thank you to everyone for reporting bugs in this patch! Keep finding them and reporting them so we can get them squashed!

^We Hope you are enjoying the new stones 2.0! Remember to post under suggestions, and Feeback on the discord!


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