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Patch 18.7
Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2019-09-30, 1:18 PM | Message # 1
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___Patch 18.7 Notes___
If you find any issues, please report them here on our official Bug reporting thread!

Or report them on the discord bug-report section!

Be sure to follow the shards Development on Trello!

Gargoyles Toolbox has been added to Gargoyles loot tables with a 5% drop chance.
Gargoyles Toolbox has been added to Gargoyle Enforcers Loot table with 7% Drop chance.
Gargoyles Toolbox has been added to Gargoyle Destroyers Loot Table with 9% Drop chance.
Gargoyles Toolbox has been added to Stone Gargoyles Loot Table with 5% drop chance.
Artifact rarity 18 to all Deco Relics.
New bonus loot item Forsaken Wooden Box.
^Adds another 10,000+ items to get!
Treasure Tile Deco Items To The Bonus Loot System.
Pull Back Method for all champs has been put in place!
All Honesty Chests have been spawned.
New necklace Osi released to the artifact system.
New staff OSI released to the artifact system.
New Earrings Osi released to the artifact system.
All items OSI released in Publish 106.
New Enhancement system (Reserved)
New item Stable stone was put on the platinum stone.
New item To the bonus loot system "Item Stain Bucket".
New item to the bonus loot system "Pet Air Freshner".
New system to change the color of item names added to the bonus loot system.
Item Staining.
All jewelry necklaces to the core drop system.
All Regs to the core drop system for all spell classes even our custom ones.
Gargish Necklaces to the core drop system.
Mysterious Pouch item that holds all new wands has been added to lock picking chests.
^All new Wand system adding 100+ new wands with spellchanneling!
Armor Refinement items have been added to lock picking chests.
Lock pick chests will now have 10 bolts and 10 arrows per chest.
Potions even some of our custom potions to the core loot system.
^So you will no longer just loot Lesser potions!
New item to lock picking chests Old Busted Keg.
^This item will grant you a random Potion including our custom potions.
All regs to lock picking chests so you will not just find Mage, or Necro regs.
^You can find myth regs and even the custom spells regs.
10 new addons to the roof top for players to purchease.
Arcane circle in town center middle.
Socket Deeds have been finished for all your socketing needs 5 in total.
All socket deeds have been added to the bonus loot system at this time.
^Their are a total of 5 deeds ranging from +1 sockets to +5 sockets.
+1 Socket deed to the token stone for 100,000 Tokens.
Skin dye bottle to the bonus loot system with 20+ Skin colors to choose from.
Polar leather to White Wyrms.
Daemonic leather to Balrons.
Synthetic Leather to Ancient Wyrms.
Shadow Leather to Shadow Wyrms.
Frost Leather to Ice Fiends.
Blaze Leather To Fire Gargoyles.
Tent Deed to new players Pack.
^This is a temp house that you can place down anywhere in the world.
^^They can not be placed in dungeons tho but it will give you a temp house.
^^^Or you can use them to reserve your future house plot!
Blessed Leather Armor set to new players pack so they have some starting armor.
Runebook to new players pack.
Red Scales to dragons and drakes.
Yellow Scales to dragons and drakes.
Green Scales to Swamp Dragons.
Blue Scales to Sea Serpents.
White Scales to White wyrms.
Black Scales To Shadow Wyrms.
Copper Scales To Wyverns.
Silver Scales To Serpentine Dragons.
Gold Scales To Ancient Wryms.

Hues on the new summoned creatures.
Treasure tiles now have a artifact rarity of 18.
Name on the Dusty Artifact Bag it is now the Dusty Artifact Chest
Hue for the gargoyles tool box it will now be the same hue as the tools.
Lady Cleopatra got a bit of a damage nerf so she is now balanced.
Lady Cleopatra fixed a script error with her fame title.
You no longer have to join the theives guild to steal from others players!
Bonus loot system has had its core redesigned with more balance in mind.
Axe uses started with 150 so it has been changed to 50 so they have the same amount as pickaxes.
Parrying will now block set amounts of damage so you take less damage when holding a shield
^you can also now use parrying when wielding a 2 handed weapon.
Itemid on the guild color reserve book.
Cooking is now used also for making Item Stains.
All regs can now drop in lock pick chests not just magery regs.
Ratman Archers no longer drop 100+ arrows.
Item Id on all Bonus loot items!
Hues have been removed from all Bonus loot items.
Lost relic Deed has been removed Relics will drop on the mobs corpse if they roll from the bonus loot table.
Item stain bucket has been changed to "Bottle Of Item Stain"
Custom Destinations around and put them in alphabetical order as all the other sections are done.
^Town center will always remain at top for quick and easy access.
Leather drops from dragons, drakes, Lizardman, Wyverns, Ratman, ratman archers, and Ratman mages have been adjusted.
New players will no longer start with the new player tent and armor set.
^You will buy the new player bag from sally in Town Center with you new player ticket.
^^It will give you a skill ball, Tent, and the new player armor set.
Ancient Wyrms will no longer give a random scale type like they do in OSI it has been changed to our custom Gold Scales.

Problem with the new holy steed summon not curing poison.
Problem with the travel atlas showing custom destinations in the wrong area.
^they are now under termur.
A bug with axes not showing their uses remaining nor having a use amount.
^Uses will only show when the axe is used to cut wood at least once.
Wrong Itemid for the Helm Of Swiftness.
Code error with the Dusty Treasure Chest not being Cursed.

___Staff Comments___
Progress for stones is still a bit slow come alot of these next patches as we are working on
^alot of larger systems that take alot more time to get coded and implemented into the shard.
^^Please be patiant it will all be worth it once the shard launches in public beta!

We did alot of reworks to lock pick chests loot in this patch to make being a lock picker really worth it!

Alot of work also went into the loot file for commen loot items adding alot of missing items and
^we added custom items to the loot packs.

Lots of thought and work got put into the Bonus loot system in this patch when it came to items.
^Many items were removed but lots of new ones were added. We also changed alot of itemids for all items.
^^We removed all random hue colors from items since they have their own Itemids now they are easier to spot.

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