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Patch 18.6
Heamo_GoblinDate: Wednesday, 2019-09-18, 7:40 AM | Message # 1
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___Patch 18.6 Notes___

If you find issues, please report them here on our official Bug reporting thread.


Be sure to follow the shards Development on Trello!




New Fel Mob Rabid Ratman.

New Fel Mob Lizardman Archer.

New Fel Mob Lizardman Mage.

Weekly Restart System (Reserved).

Some missing deco to the Sea Market.

Wands were added to the Artifact System.

New Starting Area Town Center.

Town Center was added to all World Teleporters under Custom.

New set of potions Their is now a Maximum of every potion being the top tier and they are only craftable.

Corpse summoner so you can now retrieve your corpse if you die!

New item Master backpack gold storage deed to the platinum stone.

Remove Mage Minus from any item deed to the platinum stone.

Remove curse from any item deed to the platinum stone.

Remove item tag from any item deed to the platinum stone.

Everlasting bandage to the platinum stone.

Item bless deed to the platinum stone.

Eating and drinking system.

^Staying fed and hydrated will allow you to not only fizzle less when casting spells but also.

^^you can no regan stam, health, and mana a bit faster. so Cooking/Camping is now viable skills again.

All new gump has been added to see your players hunger and thirst.

^Using command [hunger or [thirst.

Battle Chests was set up in Nujel'm!

Escortable NPCs to town center.

Hirable Npcs to town center.

Bomberman game has been setup outside of luna!

Skullball event has been setup Outside of luna!

Invasion system is in and set up and ready for events.

Deco to town center.

All new public chat system using [t you can now use the boxer chat!

The ability to parry with 2H weapons changing combat even more.

[MyHouses Command so you can view all your homes from anywhere in the shard.

^You can also Tele To your homes.

Switches for Navery so you can now drop the rocks on her.

Dungeon Gate system (Reserved).

Rare Dye tub stone. (Reserved).

Bags Of Holding to the Platinum stone.

Master Runebook (Reserved)

New item Hoodable Robe (Reserved)

All new Global chat system was added far more versatile then the old one.

^[T is still used to talk in global chat.

[ChatHistory - Opens the Chat History.

[ChatToggle - Enables or Disables the Chat for your account.

[Statistics - lets you see the shards stats.

Felucca Dungeons are back on the world teleporters.

^But you can only go to them their is no gate to tele back to safty.

All new talking Seer to town center.

All new earrings from the new OSI patch has been added to the artifact system.

10,000+ of new items to the bonus loot system.



All fel mobs got loot changes skill scroll should drop more often!

^New custom loots where added to their loot tables.

Fel despise got huge changes to all spawns and spawners.

The Ratman assassins have left Fel Despise an returned to their trash piles in covness.

World Teleporters Felucca Dungeons have now been removed.

World Teleporters Felucca Towns have been changed to the Public Moongate Spots.

Everything that was in haven for the main town location was moved to the town center!

All new players will start at the town center location.

Prices for the armor and weapon recolor deeds they were 25k now only 10k.

Loot system has got another complete overhaul making crafters have the upper hand.

^Compared to items that are found from mobs.

Artifact system got a rebalance due to the changes made to commen loot items.

You should now only find as high as [Rare]items on mob loot.

^Anything higher will either be a crafted item or a Artifact.

Treasure Tiles had their Artifact rarity changed from 21 to 18.

The custom Artifact system has had all their items Artifact Rarity changed from 20 to 25.

You can now breed pets all on your own you no longer need a 2end person but you can still breed with friends to.

Heritage token has been removed from the token stone.

Heritage token has been added to the platinum stone.

CuSidhe got a small nerf to keep them balanced due to the breeding system.

Mannequin addon got a huge overhaul!

Box chat system was removed.

Enchanted cloth drop amounts were changed from 2-20 to 2-100 to make it a more viable loot drop.

Enchanted cloth hue range is no longer 1-3000 it has been changed from 2-1058

Changes to mage spells making some of the more useless spells good!

^Blade Spirit will now deal poison damage.

^^Summon Creature does what it should have 100% time...Spawn a mount! 

^^^Now a mage doesn't need a horse he can summon a familiar. 

^^^^One of two possible spawns. A White Charger of the Fallen which cures the rider of poison

^^^^^and does the Kirin special mounted ability(force of nature)

^^^^^^Other possibility is a polar bear and he heals owner like a Cu Sidhe



The item ranking system should be close to perfect little more tweeking here an their.

^Other then that its working as intended.

Ranking system items.

^Armor, Clothing, Jewelry, Weapons.

Star Room in Trammel spawns have been fixed and adjusted.

Star Room in Felucca spawns have been fixed and adjusted.

^Mobs are no longer fighting and killing each other.

^So no more mobs fighting and killing each other!

Missing deco at the Sea Market.

Spelling error on the World Teleporters Felucca Towns was suppose to be just Felucca.

A bug with some of the custom fel archer mobs not using their bows.

A bug with some of the new potions showing the wrong needed items for crafting them.

A handful of misc spawners around the maps.

Removed a handful of double spawners for some odd reason some areas had duplicate spawners.

Namen error on the Maximum Explosion Potion.

World saves cleaned up alot of spawns and items took our world saves from .5 down to .2

Problem with the new potions being hued.

Fixed bug when logging out character no longer randomly stays in the world.


___Staff Comments___

As of now over 100+ hours have been spent working on just the item ranking system.

Its almost perfect but still off a tad and needs a bit more tweaking here an their.

Patch notes are starting to get smaller as what is being worked on right now is much more time consuming.

^Staff has also been slammed with RL work hours so it is taking away from some of the shards time.

UO Stones staff is removing Planned Changes/Content, and Known Issues from the Patch notes Starting this patch.

^We are opening up a public Trello so you can track our work load and interact with what we are doing alot easier.



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