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Patch 18.5
Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2019-09-09, 7:51 AM | Message # 1
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___Patch 18.5 Notes___

If you find issues, please report them here on our official Bug reporting thread.




Pet Rez Stones in all trammel Towns.

Insane Pet Trainer to exodus dungeon.

10+ New Imprisoned Pets.

Dye Thinner has been added to the alchemy list.

^It is used for changing the color of your bonus loot dye tubs.

Soul Stone Token to the token stone.

Weapon Engraving Tool has been added to the token stone.

Heritage Token has been added to the Token Stone.

Kill Reset Token has been added to the token stone.

Resurrection Token has been added to the Token Stone.

34 New Item dyes to the Recolor & Name change deed stone.

All new custom loots to OSI bosses.

All new custom replica loots to champions.

All new currency platinum coins with a transfer rate of 1,000 gold to 1 platinum Coin

Andrew the gold exchange to haven bank.

Waitress was added to the casino.

13 new item enhancement deeds to the Platinum stone.

4 all new spellbooks to the Platinum stone.

Rune Codex to the platinum stone.

Pet Experience Scrolls have been added to the bonus loot system.

Pet Experience Scrolls have been added to the Tool Stone in Haven.

Brand new custom feature you can now double click any NPC and get a buy/sale gump!

Features in place to combined players houses so they can have what ever size they wish.

^With combined house plots.

Legolas the basket weaver to heartwood so you can now make baskets!

Powerscroll Exchange barrels to all Trammel Towns.

Powerscroll Exchange barrel to luna.

Webstone to luna.

Pet rez stone to luna.

New Mini boss reserved for testing.

All new Travel map system.

You can now buy a shard travel map from the platinum stone.

Shard Travel Map Pieces can be found on the bonus loot system.

Another pair of Garg shoes to the Artifact system Plate Talons.

Magic Crystal items Reserved for now.

Junk Proof Hook to the doubloon stone.

Dredging Hook to the doubloon stone.

Lava Hook to the doubloon stone.

Lava lobster Trap to the doubloon stone.

Oracle Of The Sea to the doubloon stone.

Item Bless deed to the platinum stone.

New custom orcs got a bit of a hp nerf.

Gold storage to the master Backpack.

-Egyptian Content Pack-

Cleopatra Mini Boss at the ruined temple.

Sphinx at ruined temple.

Egyptian archer at the ruined temple.

Egyptian Peasant at the ruined temple.

Egyptian Priest at the ruined temple.

Egyptian Soldier at the ruined temple.

1000+ new loot items from Cleopatra Mini Boss.



Cleaned up the website and removed all old patch notes as all those changes.

^Have already been added,Changed, and fixed.

Gate hue ticket can now be bought from the Tool stone.

Miracle Grow potion can now be bought from the Tool Stone.

(Huge Change to recall, Gate, Mark, Any other tele spell)

^You will now be able to Mark everywhere in the world of stones besides some dungeons.

^^You will not be able to Recall, Gate, or tele out of fel dungeons!

^^^But you can Recall, Gate, Tele into them just not out of them!

^^^^You can not mark in Certain dungeons such as twisted weld, palace of prox, etc but you can out side of them.

All hue deeds now will let you choose 1,000+ hues to dye your items rather then just the simple list of 100.

Lottery tickets and powerball tickets have been moved from Haven to the casino.

Hue change for Doubloons.

Huge changes to the Interior Decorator Tool!

^default Interior Decorator only had Up, Down & Turn, 

^^but the new one has North, South, East & West as well for moving lockdowns into position.

Base loot got another change this time to jewelry.

Many edits and changes to the base loot system to balance things out.

Marking in all areas has been removed due to the new travel system.

^All recalling,marking. teleing has been set back to OSI default.

Artifact Garg shoes name changed to Talons.

Achievement System has been removed and reserved for now.

Huge quality of life changes to the ruined temple area in malas.

Changed name on master storage to master backpack.

Changed gump for the master backpack.

Artifact Garg shoes have been removed at this time.



A few bugs with the skill ball not giving you the proper items for picked skills.

Fixed a bug with the skill ball not giving you full spellbooks.

a bug with donation currency.

Problem with the [Pick command not working for lock picking it now works.

Possible crash with the master key when using the fill from pack option.

You can now get all powerscrolls from champs their was a bug with champs.

^Not dropping Throwing, Mysticism, or Imbuing.

50+ hours has went into reworking the item ranking system to correct improper item ranks.

^More work will be needed to get the system perfect but it is much closer now then it was.

a error in the artifact tali code not letting it change the itemid to all useable ones.


___Planned Changes/Content___

Finish adding in all Base classes.

Bonus loot system drop configure changed.

Overhaul and recode Socket system.

New guard system for felucca.

Add in the ultima store.

Put in a pull back method for champs so they can not be lead.

Disable tokens in champion regions.

Add a buy order function to the auction system.

Add into the game a staff auction box for staff auctions.

Res protection should not work in Felucca.

honesty chests need to be spawned.

Despise Creatures need their loot removed.

Travel Atlas Custom locations should be at the bottom under termur.

Make the shard travel map not work in felucca.

Work on the raffle system.

Add in the [Sail command and the sailors Gump.

Make Bios show in their status gump what counter/special attack they have if they have any.

Bonus loot system items should not drop in champion Regions.

Custom Mini Bosses

Custom Group Bosses

Custom Mega Bosses

New Virtue system and content expansion.

Delete mob corpses in champ spawns.

Add a method for the Item stones to see and use tokens from token ledger.


___Known Issues___

Some pets are still shrinking into balls.

Faction Arties are not OSI Accurate.

Colossus should spawn out red and auto agro a proper summon without control.

Vampire embrace bugs some mounts out so they are invisible.

Dryad allure you can lure bosses and shrink them as tamed pets.

Switches for navrey are missing for the rocks to be dropped on her.

Silver seed does not work as it should.

Altering items does not work properly to turn human items into garg items.

Visits count on enter and not just on opening a door.

Some fish Itemids are not correct.

Angelic Faith spell once casted again will not take you out of angel form.

Bio pets can be shrunk/stabled with items in their pack.

Human Bios can level past their skillcap.

Dryad's are aggressive to good karma players.


___Staff Comments___

Alot of time and work has been going into the website come this patch!

^Sorry for lack of shard patch notes!

Alot of time was put into the item ranking system with this patch it is not fully fixed.
^But it is working alot better then it was when ranking items.

Some of what gets added into the server may not be live content just know this...

^Some of it might be put in as reserved for a later time but we will let you know if it is reserved content or not!


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