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Patch 18.3
Heamo_GoblinDate: Tuesday, 2019-08-20, 7:34 AM | Message # 1
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___Patch 18.3 Notes___

If you find issues, please report them here on our official Bug reporting thread.




Sea Market was added to the World Tele.

Sea Market was added to the Travel Atlas.

Missing Spawners to Sea Market Trammel & Felucca.

All the missing items to the Artie System Se-ML.

Coded Arti Talis to the Artie System.

Clothing dye tub for the guild dye system has been added.

Hue test tubs had their gumps over hauled with info for the guild dye system.

All garg items have been added to our custom Artie system.

ItemID skill will now be usable again. You will use it to check for socketed gems on items and to view/remove/add gems to items.

All new currency for pirating Doubloons can be obtained by killing Pirate captains.

All new Doubloon stone for a easier start on Pirating and boating.

Doubloons were added to Pirate ships cargo.

All Orc forts in malas got all new spawns and quality of life changes.

Storm Custom Tamables have been added around thr royal city in Termur. Their are 9 in total.

Many spawns to all of Termur And have made many quality of life changes and fixes.

New Item to the dusty artifact bag garg belt.

New item to the dusty artifact bag Garg shoes.

Savage archers in all areas savages spawn.

Fully Automated Invasion system.

Two new custom champs have been added into the server.

More custom mobs to spawners.

Dragon whelping has been added to replace baby dragons.

More custom spawns to felucca.

Quality of life changes for felucca and Trammel.



Boat painter has been removed from Haven.

Recall Rune dye tub was removed from the guild dye system.

Recall Rune dye tub was merged with the Runebook Dye tub.

Felucca will now have a double chance for all bonus loot items.

Bonus loot drop effect has been changed to a large bag!

Hues will now vary on the custom mobs you find in fel.

Lots more spawners have been changed and move around.

Baby dragon has been removed.

Spawns have been edited and changed in trammel and felucca.



Guild hue system Armor dye tub will now dye your talis.

Guild hue system Clothing dye tub will now dye your backpacks.

Guild hue system Furniture dye tub will now dye monster statues.

Guild hue system Runebook dye tub will now also dye Recall Runes.

Guild hue system Armor dye tub will now dye Jewelry.

100s of bugs with the new Artie system all weapons were rolling with swords skill requirement.

^Was not an easy bug to squash and took alot of time but it has been fixed!

Problem with pirate Ships having far too much gold it has now been fixed.

Spelling error in the Alchemy Gump.

Ship cannon deeds now delete when a cannon is placed on a ship.

Human Bios have made up with the pet stables they can now be stabled.


___Planned Changes/Content___

Put in a pull back method for champs so they can not be lead.

Disable tokens in champion regions.

Add a buy order function to the auction system.

Add into the game a staff auction box for staff auctions.

Massive - requirement

Massive - label shouldn't be seen

Unwieldy - weight

Unwieldy - label shouldn't be seen

Res protection should not work in Felluca.

honesty chests need to be spawned.

Despise Creatures need their loot removed.

Travel Atlas Custom locations should be at the bottom under termur.

Add in the ultima store.

New Virtue system.

New guard system for felucca.

Make the travel atlas not work in felucca.

Work on the raffle system.

Add in the [Sail command and the sailors Gump.

Make Bios show in their status gump what counter/special attack they have if they have any.

Have all champion spawns, spawn traps?


___Known Issues___

Some pets are still shrinking into balls.

Faction Arties are not OSI Accurate.

Colossus should spawn out red and auto agro a proper summon without control

Vampire embrace bugs some mounts out so they are invisable.

Dryad allure you can lure bosses and shrink them as tamed pets.

Switches for navrey are missing for the rocks to be dropped on her.

Silver seed does not work as it should.

Altering items does not work to turn human items into garg items.

Visits count on enter and not just on opening a door.

Some fish Itemids are not correct.

Angelic Faith spell once casted again will not take you out of angel form.

Bio pets can be shrunk/stabled with items in their pack.


___Staff Comments___

Everything has been finished for the Artie System Talis, and All Garg items have been added

^(Far Future Updates) Will happen but the system is 110% complete at this time.


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