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Patch 19.9 Public Alpha
Heamo_GoblinDate: Friday, 2021-02-19, 4:22 AM | Message # 1
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All new item property when shields are equipped you will now see the damage they reduce!
All new item to the House Addon Store Dragon Rugs!
Voting stone with single gump for multiple sites.
All new plots were added to the house placement tool and a new category guild foundations these are all new 23x23 and 32x32 plots castle and keep size plots!
You can now double click your vendors and rotate them in the selected direction you wish!]
All vendors can now have a display item infront of them to attracted players!
Base charm system has been completed and will be tested during patch 20!
All custom random roll artifacts have a chance to roll with a 5% crit chance cap!
-Only ones that can not are clothing items and quivers!
All core looted shields will now have a chance to roll with other resistances rather then just physical!
All random roll Jewelry Artifacts now have a chance to roll with a crit chance.
All random Roll Shield artifacts now have a chance to roll with a crit chance.
All random roll spellbook artifacts now have a chance to roll with a crit chance.
All new poisoning skill allowing players to poisoning all weapons!

New players will no longer start with a new player guide it has been removed.
Edits were put into the loot system to fine tune items a fair bit more.
Fukiya is now a base weapon rather then a double click and use item we felt this change was much needed for such a useful item giving it more use!
Vendor will now take a 15% gold cut per item sold rather then a real world day charge!
The way pet naming works so players can now use spaces when renaming their pets.
Poisoning skill has now been changed you can now poison all weapons and the poison will at random be applied to the target you are fighting.
Core loot got many changes and rebalances come this patch to make it more balanced all around.
We put in some edits to dial back the amount of gold you can farm per mob this was done in effort to try and not run into a overflow of gold.
Edits were put into the bonus loot system so items will not roll more balanced then they did before some more common then others, we also upped the rate at witch you will find bonus loot items!

Wraith Form now leeches also on the killing shot.
Looted weapons will now be generated with up to max 1 hit spell property.
FC/FCR caps are now correct (4/6)
Skill lowering timers have been fixed they will now lower 5 times faster compared to the .1 point every few hours.
Weapon properties hll, hml, hsl, will no longer roll to 100% on items any longer giving players more freedom for builds and making pvp more balanced.
bug with blow darts filling mobs corpses.

Staff Comments:
As of now the only items that are protected in felucca are Runebooks and players master storage bags but nothing in the bag is protected!
Everything that is inside the bag will drop on your corpse when you die it is not a blessed bag, any item that is blessed in trammel and insured in trammel are not safe in felucca!

We will be running a handful of server stability tests in the next series of patches we have ported the shard from running .net to .net core, so we will be doing stability tests, and testing in the coming patches!

We have started working on the new guild system so you might see some things with guilds new that do not work fully just yet but we are working hard to get the system finished and released for everyone!

Forum » (Server) » Patch Notes » Patch 19.9 Public Alpha (Patch Notes)
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