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Patch 19.8 Public Alpha
Heamo_GoblinDate: Sunday, 2021-01-31, 9:25 PM | Message # 1
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Damage mod was added to the herding skill for all tamers so now with herding your pets will now get increased damage the more pets you have the more damage increase you will get!
Option to teleport to vendors rather then making a map to their location for players convince when using vendor search.
Shrunken pets will now display their max level when shrunk.
Autumn the painter arrived at town center and will now sell all items needed to start making your own paintings.
Aminta the Gardener arrived at town center and will now sell all items needed to start your vary own house garden.
-The new garden system seeds can be used at any dirt patch at any town any where in the shard or you can use them in just your private garden!
Custom Ability system has been put in place so we can make and also edit core mobs with all kinds of new abilities and specials!
Reagent Storages to the Tool Store in town center.
A sign in town center so players can find the corpse summoner easier from now on.
All new Global Box chat system so players will never miss another system message nor global message!
All new command Prefix for Euro players they can now use . rather then [ any one can even if you are us it was only added due to the layout of Euro keyboards.
Added all new power skulls to the bonus loot system for players to obtain.
Ethy retouching tool to the Tool Store.
Skull Rug Deed was added to the house addon store.
Rose Rug Deed was added to the house addon store.
Dolphin Rug Deed was added to the house addon store.
Davie's Locker deed was added to the Tool Store.
Commodity Deed Box was added to the tool store.
Auction Safe was added to the Tool Store.
Decorative Shield Deed was added to the house addon store.
Wall Banner Deed was added to the house addon store.
Banner Deed was added to the house addon store.
Chest of sending was added to the Tool Store.
Jade Statue Maker was added to the house addon store.
Bronze Statue Maker was added to the house addon store.
Marble Statue maker was added to the house addon store.
Shields will now display their reduced damage when worn and you have parry skill.
Resisting spells has been changed in this patch the higher your skill level the less likely your summons are to be dispelled by mobs.
All new Leader board system for mob kills and player kills!
-Two new commands for the system [Pkills and [Kills.
All new Tools to the Corroded Tool Box bonus loot item.
All new deco items to sos chests and treasure map chests!

Now when making a secure camp the gump will pop up for you to spawn your camp once it becomes secured rather then having to click the fire.
Lighting a camp fire now has a fail chance with a chance to loose kindling.
All New Player cloaks have been removed from the shard in this patch.
All skill scrolls have been removed from the shard in the patch.
Garden tool will no longer be blessed and will no longer weigh 50 stones.
Garden plots got their fence removed as it didn't look right.
We did many rebalances to pvm and monster damage to make it more accurate and balanced.
Dye rack and dye tester was removed from the tool store and added to the house addon store in town center!
Champion Orb timer was change so players are able to get more orbs per day.
All robes from the Vote Token store got the cursed removed from them as player requested!
[Discord command was changed to [Disc for short.
Damage cores will now come in a whole hue range rather then just one single color what one will you find?
All new additions to provoke skill players can now provoke mobs have a chance to be enraged when provoked giving them a damage increase to mobs and other players.
Arms lore will now give max durability to crafted items when crafted not including all the other bonus properties it adds.
Parry skill has now been changed when wearing a shield you will now receive damage decreases with a block and damage dodge chance and same goes for when holding two handed items so parry is now usable and viable with all items!
All itemids for recourses bags from the bonus loot system have been changed so they stand out far more!
Arcane circle will no longer give you a max gem with out the proper needed amount of players in the circle!
Item Insurance and blessed items no longer work in felucca only items that have the Protected In Felucca tag will not be dropped in felucca.
-These changes come with our all new felucca system that we are implementing!
All storage keys will no longer be cursed!
Mobile Forge is no longer cursed.
Gem pouch is no longer cursed.
Raffle item bags have had their names changed.
Name on webstones they now have a mouse over.
Treasure tiles were removed from bonus loot item drops and can only be gotten from sos's and treasure map chests.
[BondTime command will no longer tell you details in grey we made the send message a blue so it is easier to see and read.

Problem with the [Discord Command no longer working for players has been fixed.
Bug with the [OrginizeMe command with it placing players pouches in a random spot on the map when they would be over item cap.
A spelling error on the dragon rugs being labeled as brown bear rugs.
Corn crops will no longer give players muffins but now ears of corn.
When lumberjacking we buffed the amount of logs you get per harvest from 2 to 5 in trammel and from 4 to 8 in felucca!
Training Weapon exploit has been fixed in this patch.

Staff Comments:
We retired the idea of Evo pets as we have other plans and ideas in store for a better new pet system that will be custom to our shard!

We have shut off the veteran reward system in this patch as we are going to be reforming the system with all new items for players!

We have been working on the felucca content and systems to put into full effect allowing players to have full loot right in felucca with only vary minimal items being protected.
we feel this will breath life into pvp and risk vs reward giving players another means to make money playing as tthe RED criminal role!
also it takes things back to Pre-T2A era in fel!

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