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Patch 19.7 Public Alpha
Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2021-01-18, 4:57 AM | Message # 1
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Patch 19.7 Public Alpha

Vet Npcs will now sell Pet Res potions.
Vet Npcs will now sell pet cure potions.
Vet Npcs will now sell pet heal potions.
Mouse over to the bonus loot rare cloths.
Mouse over for the artifact Carpet tiles.
Mouse over to the power scroll exchange system.
Legaless got Clippers added to his sell gump so players can make baskets these can also be crafted with tinkering!
Clothing Bless deed was added to the token stone.
Dye rack deed and dye test mirror to the tool stone.
Power Scroll exchange was added to the token stone.
All new Store was added to Town Center House Addons.
All new garden system as request by players so they can now grow some of their own food and regs will be added to and extended more in the future.
All new NPC to sell the garden deed, and all garden seeds for your house to the town center castle.
Skill books were put back into place to take over for skill scrolls!
All new crafting system for players you can now paint paintings! Speak with Mell at Town Center to get the tools needed to start painting!
Wrestling skill now has the chance to stun punch and disarm in pvp.
Tracking will now let you track hidin mobs.
Tracking gump when tracking mobs will no longer be a 3 stacked gump
Mook Town Mining caves got a beautiful change for the smiths and miners that use those caverns.
All new features to the animal lore gump for players so they can now see taming needed and pets control slots.
You can now drink from the fountain at town center and it will replenish all your thirst.
More area for the new virtues and virtue quest line was added to the virtue chambers in Brit!

Animal Trainer npcs got their pet leash priced changed from 1500 gold to 2000 gold.
Animal trainers got their brush prices changed from 75 gold to 100 gold.
Carpet Tile got its Artifact Rarity changed to 9.
All new player capes will now last 24 hours one full day after that they will turn to dust.
[gethue got polished with a all new colored send message so it stands out.
Powerscroll exchange system got a gump overhaul and polished.
All Vendor stones have been changed to Vendor Stores in town center.
New gump overhaul to the [moblore command.
We made a few changes to the pvm damage modifiers rather then mobs doing 20% less damage we changed it to 15% we feel this is the best balanced choice at this time.
Pet Leashes no longer need 75 taming to use it was changed to 50 so when players first start they are able to use a pet leash after using their skill codex.
Reward boxes will now spawn with a large range of hues now rather then the 10-15 they had before.
Sulphur stone harvestable world reg got an itemid change so you can now walk over it and it no longer stops movement.
Blood Moss Harvestable world reg got a new itemid and hue change to fit its name.
New player capes were removed at this current time and will be place back into the shard at a later time.
Luna got a huge overhaul come this patch!
Animal lore gump got an overhaul in this patch giving tamers more much needed information.
[MobLore gump got another huge overhaul and all new colors added to the displayed texts.
paragon chests got a hue list change.
[Hunger gump got a new overhaul.
Toxic potions got a hue change to be more accurate color to what they are.
Artifact scepter of the false god so it was a bit more balanced.

Spelling error on the shard greeters text.
Pet Trainers gump as shrink potions did not show the proper Itemid.
Not being able to buy pet leashes with out having proper taming level you can now buy them no matter your level.
Misspelling on the pet leash's send message.
Bug with silver seed not reviving you in abyss has now been fixed!
Skill book bug with it not giving you skill is now fixed.
More name hues for mobs have been put back to default colors.
All custom potions will now go into potion kegs.
All custom potions will now go into potion kegs and come out the proper potion!
Ice steeds damage has gotten fixed they will now have their cold damage back compared to fire.
Server related crash due to keys and lock boxes in players houses.

Staff Comments:
Be sure to update your hue file come this patch with the new one yet again sorry this should be the final hue patch release but we did see other doubles and wanted to replace them.

Alot of time was spent polishing things up around the shard you will see all new gumps that are well polished now compared to how they use to be.
Alot of time was put into adding more and more mouse overs to items so we no longer have to put the mouse over in the items name you will see pet dyes look alot more polished now and so does the power scroll exchange barrels.

All mobs come this patch should have their name hues back to Ultimas default colors.

We will be changing the way we push patch notes with this patch and all future, we will now be releasing Alpha Patches rather then beta as beta really is not where the shards at as beta is more of polishing things right before release and Alpha means we are still working on things adding things and building onto things!
So Alpha really is more of the stage the shard is in at this time... As of now we have no full release eta but when we mark our calendars we will let everyone know!

Alot of work was put into the website come this patch getting everything ready for a wiki type of forum for guides systems and custom content so players will have ease finding what they are looking for.

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