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Patch 19.6 Public Beta
Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2021-01-04, 3:45 AM | Message # 1
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Patch 19.6 Public Beta
Be sure you download the new hue file as we have made many changes to it adding 40+ new hues and getting rid of a handful of doubles we had in our file!

Skeleton Key to the Tool stone in town center.
all new custom gump for the [petlore command.
All new pet dyes got added into the taming craft system!
all new game to the casino Keno now take your gold and multiply it by x10!
Keno Stones where added to the casino.
all new npc was added Janitor will pick up items thrown on the ground and place them in a lost and found box to be deleted in 5 minutes!
all new shard greeter to the new player area!
Crafting items will now give you tokens!
Turning in bods will now reward players with tokens!
all new vote token stone with lots of new rewards to obtain by voting for the shard!
all new mechanical pet crafting system to the shard you can now make mechanical pets that are better then their wild versions to ride or even use in combat using the tinkering skill!
more deco to the chamber of virtues in brit.
all new camping skill system now with your camping skill you will get camping outpost perks! When you throw out a camp fire you will have the option to spawn an outpost depending on your skill level will depend on what npcs will greet you at your camp. This can all be done by double clicking your campfire!
at 120.0 skill you are able to spawn a full camp giving you access to a healer, provisoner, pet stabler, and a banker! You will also find that with your outpost you are able to logout safly and you can get a world travel atlas for faster traveling from your outpost!
Theisus The Mechanical Pet Crafter to town center with the new mechanical pet crafting tools for sale.
all new tamable pet snow steed was added into the shard they can be found in ice dungeon.
Theisus The Mechanical Pet Crafter will sell Some Iron Mounts, Horse, Llama, Forest Ostard, and the Desert Ostard.
Galleon Ship Deeds Were added to the Doubloons Stone.
Felcia the socket specialist will now sell socket deeds.
Shard Travel Map was added To the Top Tier Stone In Town Center.
Cannonballs to the doubloon stone.
Flame cannonballs to the doubloon stone.
Frost cannonballs to the doubloon stone.
Crystal Portal to the vote token stone.
Currupted Crystal Portal to the vote token stone.
All new mouse over for Craftable pet dyes.
All new Mouse over for item dyes.
All new mouse over for charged dye tubs.
All new mouse over for pet dyes.
All new mouse over for neon hair dyes.
All new mouse over for neon beard dyes.
Grave Digger shovels will now drop off Zombies, Skeletons, Skeletal Knights, Liches, Skeletal Mages, Spectres, Ghouls, Bogles, and Wraiths.
All new mouse over for the relic deco item system.
All new reworked tracking skill you can now track all mobs and select either passive or aggressive, and you can track all players by either Innocent, or Murderers.
All new Carpets to the Variable Carpet Addon Deed 10+ in total to choose from.
All new town center we merged the old town center with the training area for a all new Town Center spot taking over lord britishs castle.
All new hues to replace a couple of the duplicate hues we had and to bring a handful new ones to everyone!

[Petlore command got a huge overhaul in this patch rather then it just telling you the basic lines in chat it will now give you a gump with all mob information.
all pet dyes will now stack this was another much needed qauilty of life change for crafters and players leveling taming skill!
all pet potions will now all stack.
[petlore command was changed to [MobLore to keep it sepreate from animal lore skill as we felt with the changes made to the petlore command it will work for all players including pvm players.
[moblore gump got many more features added to it one of them being damage types, and also mobs resistances!
How powerscrolls work you now must use them in sequance from one another as in you must use a 105 before you can use a 110, you must use a 105 and a 110 before you can use a 115 we hope this change will help with powerscroll prices and rarity.
all vendor stones in town center got hue adjustments.
damage modifers for pet damage in pvp got changed they were lowered.
Pvm mob damage modifers got changed from a whole # value to a % value to balance pvm a fair bit more.
the way player resistances work so they are more effective you will see huge changes whe having max resistants compared to per say 40.
britians moongate spots.
Begging skill has been removed from the gold panning system it now only takes fishing again as this is what players felt would be the best.
Herding skill will now increase your pet slots! making herding a somewhat useful skill again!
Britian bank trammel and felucca has gotten a huge overhaul.
Detect hidin skill got changed from a targeted tile to an area around the player, 1 tile per 10 skill level.
tracking skill will now allow players to track any mob or player in a 100 tile area from the player.
Itemid for powder charges for ship cannons so they look accurate.
All greater dragons will now only spawn as males and can not be used for breeding.
All picky Beetles will now spawn as female and can not be used for breeding.
Master keys had their token price changed from 750,000 tokens to 250,000 tokens.
New player guide book will no longer be blessed so players are able to throw them away for tokens!
New player guide had its itemid changed to fit its use much better.
New player guide will no longer weigh 1 stone.
New player guide now has a Read Me mouse over.
pet dyes got their color removed from their name and put into a new mouse over.
Grave Digger Shovels can now drop on mobs not just from the bonus loot system!
All rainbow name hues for our custom mobs have now been removed and set back to default!
Tracking skill got a new gump with new tracking options.
[Moblord gump background got changed so it looks far more polished.
Seed Companion got changed from holding on 25 of each seed to holding 999 of each seed.
Addon Rooftop was removed from the moongates for now it will be put back in at a later time!
Public vendor contracts for maginca price was changed from 5k gold to 10k gold.
All bonus loot cinctures will no longer say Requires mondains legacy.
All bonus loot Sashs will no longer say Requires mondains legacy.
New player mouse over was changed from life reamaining to Time Remaining.
Skill Scrolls Got a new itemid to make them more fitting and polished.
Training Area Removed from world teleporters.
Town center was moved and changed come this patch.
Pvp Stadium was also removed from world teleporters as we have a new one in the works!
All new players will start at the new starting location in Lord Britishs castle.

Tinkering menu custom crafted items are now at the end of the gump rather then it being magic jewelry felt this was a much needed gump fix.
pets dyes will now stack.
all pet potions will now stack.
[moblore has been changed and damage types and mob resistances have been added to the gump as players requested!
Stagyian drake was still shrinking into a ball has now been fixed.
platinum drake was still shrinking into a ball has now been fixed.
name on all pet dyes pet dyes were using the name "Pet Dye" when their was more then one it will now be "Pet Dyes"
[myhouses you can now teleport with the gump to your house again either with having a secure camp or being in guarded regions.
Shard travel map will now work letting you travel with a secure camp or with in guarded regions.
Item Raffle system will now take gold from your account you no longer need it in your pack.
Crash with deleting Town house signs.
the tiles in spectre dungeon that could not be walked on.
Some spawners around savage camp where the old Black thorn castle use to be.
Name on all powder charges so they now say if they are for heavy or light cannons.
Name on all Cannonballs so they now say if they are for heavy or light cannons.
Name on all Grapeshots so they now say if they are for heavy or light cannons.
Raffle system will now work fully as it was intended and will annouce the winner and give the item to them if they won!
Spelling error on the rangers spellbook gump.
Dragons End Sword Durability it is now 255.
Sentinel's Guard Got its hue corrected.
Lord Blackthorns Exemplar got its hue corrected.

Staff Comments:
Alot of polishing got done come this patch many, many qauilty of life changes were made and we spiced up alot of features we added in earlier patches and made them even more usable.

Alot more changes and tweaks were done to take pvm a step further to become even more balanced when it comes to mobs damage on players.
This patch we put alot of focus on Resistances for players and making them accurate so having max resistances will matter and lower mob damage significly!

you will start to see more housing spots open up as we have started removing alot of old accounts from the shard that were just over all taking up room for other players!

Alot of code work was put into Polishing alot of content we currently have adding all new mouse overs and just over all making things look and feel alot nicer and smoother then they use to.

So rather then having a training area and a new town center we chose come this patch to merge them into one and use Lord Britishes castle in Trammel to do so as this gave us alot more room to use and always keeping the main home town as Britian. 
Alot of work was put into these changes come this patch so from now on Town center will control everything.

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