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Patch 19.5 Public Beta
Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2020-12-14, 7:18 AM | Message # 1
Baron / Baroness
Group: Staff Team
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New skin dye to the recolor stone in Town Center!
New command [hue and hue gump for players so they can see a larger amount of hues and jump to hue numbers!
New command [hues will now bring up the older gump
More new custom staff commands to make doing some things much easier server side.
New hair dye was added to the recolor stone in Town Center.
New beard dye was added to the recolor stone in Town Center.
5 New item deeds were added into the game they can be obtained from the bonus loot system!
Cold Damage Scroll
Energy Damage Scroll
Fire Damage Scroll
Poison Damage Scroll
Physical Damage Scroll
All new full repair deeds to the bonus loot system.
Armor Repair Deed
Weapon Repair Deed
Clothing Repair Deed
New commands for staff to help with building and deco work.
missing skill potion Imbuing.
missing skill potion Spellweaving.
missing skill potion Necromancy.
missing skill potion Mysticism.
missing skill potion Throwing.
all missing potions were added to alchemy.
Crafting items will now give players tokens!
Vote stones where added into the shard they can be found in town center.
Vote tokens were added into the shard.
All new vendor stone for vote tokens with all new items.
All new effect for Uber Bosses!
two new npcs one was placed in the dungeon of the casino the other was put outside of the new heartwood entrance.
all new power hour system will now pop up on login letting you know you have 1 hour of power hour to be used per day! power hour will give you 2x bonus loot chance x2 gold drops and 2x skill gain!
We added a mouse over on all pets to see pets loyalty ratings so they do not leave or disbanded you!
all new Magic dyes to the bonus loot system that will allow you to change the color of a cloth dye tub to a random hue 1-3,000.
New player cloak that has a two hour timer when the time is up the cloak will self delete all new players will start with one of these cloaks!
Automated TOT system that will change the TOT item rewards every two months automatically!
All new Color Shifting Items they can cycle through hue colors!
Battle chest, chest game was placed into Nujel'm!
All new item Pet Key has been added into the shard it will hold all of your pets in one spot!
Pet key was added to the tinkering crafting menu under custom!
Master key was added into the shard to hold all keys in one spot on the token stone!

Hair dye from the bonus loot system will now drop in a hue range of 1-3,000
Beard dye from the bonus loot system will now drop in a huge range of 1-3,000
Skill codex got a small boost from 60-70 after alot of testing 70 felt right when starting out!
alchemy mats required for some of our custom potions got changed so they are now balanced.
amount of mana, mana potions give to you when consumed.
Stone Dollars now have a mouse over telling what the item is.
Doubloons now have a mouse over telling what they are.
Vote tokens now have a mouse over telling what they are.
Tokens now have a mouse over telling what they are.
over hauled the new elemental damage deeds into a new Core system!
Uber bosses got their own custom cool new effect!
Weapon elemental scrolls have been changed to damage cores.
Heartwood got a brand new custom entrance.
all food got its weight changed to 0.5 stones it felt like a much needed change as bread should not weigh 2.0 stones.
Pet loyalty timers got adjusted so they do not loose loyalty as fast.
all spawners in TerMur got reworked yet again come this patch to be more accurate and spread out.
all spawners in underworld got completely reworked again also so they will be more accurate and the area not feel so empty!
We did many changes when it came to pets and pvp balances this patch it will need tested but we feel we hit the nail on the head with balancing it.
Zero was changed with the name of Frankenweenie as staff felt it fit better.

A few spots by lord blackthorns castle that was dismounting players and sending their pets to the stables.
Skin dye item from the bonus loot system the gump has been cleaned up and polished.
Spawn timers for hiryus they were respawning far to fast ever 1-3 minutes it has been changed to ever 1-10 minutes.
Hue colors on the hue numbers for the new hue gump so players can see all the hue numbers some were black and matched the background.
Fixed all books so they will no longer delete all your saved pages.
Gargoyles in Termur will now spawn with random colored clothing rather then just deafault 0 hue.
Gargoyles skin colors will no longer all just be hue 0 but they will spawn with their correct gargoyle hue list.
gargoyles horn colors so they are no longer purple for npcs.
Skill potions can now stack.
a couple of scripting errors with the custom artifact system!

Staff Comments:
A large focus come this patch was readjusting spawners and fixing more spawners around the shard also adding in more spawners for missing mobs.
We put alot of focus into termur come this patch as we felt it was missing spawners and just felt vary empty so it now feels more alive!

Underworld was a spot that got alot of love you will see all new spawns and better spawners running in the dungeon come this patch!
Fisherman's reach got a complete town overhaul that was much needed for termur!
Holy City got a huge overhaul.
Royal City got a huge overhaul.

All new players will now get a beautiful new cloak when starting on the shard to help them out but it will only last for two hours! So use it wisely!

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