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Patch 19.4 Public Beta
Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2020-11-30, 5:10 AM | Message # 1
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Patch 19.4 Public Beta
If you find any issues, please report them here on our official Bug reporting thread!

Be sure to follow the shards Development on Trello!

New toxic potions have been added into the shard you can now craft them with alchemy.
Most fields have now been spawned with harvestable mats!
2 missing custom mounts Charger of the fallen, and the ridable Boura has been coded into tamable mounts!
Lady fortune the gold lottery has been added to the casino.
All new quest Light House Keeper!
All new OSI released items had been added to the Artifact system.
A total of 12 New maps to start work on custom areas and dungeons!
More daily rares were put into the shard.
Many of custom stealable items were put into the shard.
All Jewelry can now level!
All Clothing Can Now Level!
Gem Recover Tool was added to the gem merchant in tc.
All new deco artifact item Carpet tile to the bonus loot system.
All items for quests that can be found for the drag and drop quests have been labeled as quest items.
Fisherman spawn to the new player area.
All new players will now start with a tent so they can have a starting house when they start on the shard.
Two new potion drink commands for our custom potions.
[DrinkMana command was added.
[DrinkMind command was added.
Weapons and Armor will now have a chance to drop with sockets using itemid skill to check the items sockets.
All new npc was added to the town center the socket Specialist.
The Socket Specialist will sale everything needed for item socketing!
spawns to ank dungeon.
Provisioner was added to town center.
Desert ostard spawns to the malas desert.
Pet Breeding has been put back into the server!
Animal breeder was added to the cove stables.
5 New Items to the bonus loot system for all you crafters!
Bag Of boards
Bag Of Granite
Bag Of Ingots
Bag Of Leathers
Bag Of Scales
Handful of new staff commands for events and other misc shard functions.

New player starting location.
New player training area got a huge revamp come this patch.
Training bow now no longer takes arrows to use you can now train archery with out arrows.
New players will now start at the new, new player starting location.
Crafters Satchel got an update all runic tools that come from the item will now have 50 charges rather then just 2.
CuSidhes now suffer stat loss after tame to make them more balanced with the rest of our pets.
Weapon leveling got reworked so items can not go beyond level 100.
Armor leveling got reworked so items can not go beyond level 100.
Luck deeds got an overhaul they will now work on quivers and tallies!
the way clothing items are ranked to make them a fair bit more accurate on our custom ranking system.
Imps quest item got its drop chance changed.
Cows, Bulls quest item got its drop chance changed.
Dragons quest item got its drop chance changed.
Butcher got changed as it was still selling cooked food the cooked food has now been removed from the npc buy gump.
Raw fish steak was added to the butchers buy gump.
Fruit was added to the bakers sell gump.
Champion spawn credits got a new label added to them so players know what they are used for!
Mule was neve suppose to be a 1 slot pet it has now been changed to 2 slots to keep balance.
spawners in cove dungeons have been adjusted.
Potion weight i felt potions weight of 1 stone was a bit much they were changed to half a stone.
Message in a bottle got a new itemid!
Town Center got a over haul and spaced out more so it don't feel so crammed together.
Guss the guild dye dealer has been moved from moonglow to town center.
Tokens from trashing items got a slight nerf players were getting 5-10 tokens per item it has been changed to 1-5 tokens per item as this will help balance the influx of tokens and players.
the amount of tokens you get from [loot when claiming a mobs corpse has been changed to help balance the token system a bit more.
Skill codex got a bit of a change rather then giving you 90 in 5 skills it has been changed to 60 in 5 skills so you still have to do a little training but not much players felt 90 was too much and 50 was not enough so we went with a mean of 60!
Garg tools were removed from the crafters satchel as they have their own toolbox drop now.
fountain in Town center can now be drank from filling all 20/20 thirst.
prices on some items on the token stone got adjusted.
LMC Cap was changed from 40 to 60!
SSI Cap was changed from 60 to 100!
DI Cap was changed 100 to 200!
DCI Cap was changed from 40 to 50!
HCI Cap was changed from 45 to 100!

Bug with new players not starting at the correct xyz cords for the new player area!
Uber monsters got a huge overhaul when it comes to the body ids they can spawn with and all mobs that spawned with invisable ids have been fixed.
It seems mythical items had the color legendary items were suppose to and vice versa it has been fixed in this patch!
All shrunken pets should now have the proper shrunken forms now.
the new toxic potions were removed from the explosion category and put in the toxic category.
a crash bug with the vendor stones.
Dragon claw itemid was not correct it has now been fixed.
Staff Message system every shard reboot made the message system default to text hue 0 it has now been changed to purple by default.
Tents have been fixed so they can not be placed in trammel.
all potion drink commands they will now use all potions not just grater's.
a itemid bug on the butchers gump fish steaks were showing as chick legs.
afk command was suppose to announce every half hour not ever 15 seconds it has now been fixed!
a random crash caused by double clicking a item linked to the vendor stones.
Misspelling on romeos quest gump.
bug with Hiryu's dropping bonus loot items far too often.
Carpet Tile item was highlighted with mouse over it has been fixed no more highlighting.
Granite Bag when double clicked it would not give you any granite now it will give you 1 fix coming in soon so yo will get more the just one.

Staff Comments:
The Uber Mobs have been completely recoded and re-adjusted come this patch.

Alot of time was spent fixing the shrinking system for pets as alot of pets were missing their shrunken ids all have now been fixed.

Alot more time was put into the website come this patch also getting more guides and FAQ pages done for everyone.

Alot of time and edits were put into our custom item ranking system it is almost complete and ranking items almost perfect!

As we are getting closer to our official release days and moving out of our public beta we will be wiping all inactive accounts and deleting all houses and items attached to those accounts.
Accounts fall into the inactive category if they have less then 6 hours of player time and have not been logged into since the shard launched its public beta!

In this patch Pet Breeding was rebalanced and put back into the shard will need a bit of testing but as of now it seems to be alot more balanced and smoother of a system!
Now get to work on making some killer maxed pets!

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