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Patch 19.3 Public Beta
Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2020-11-16, 4:32 AM | Message # 1
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Patch 19.3 Public Beta
If you find any issues, please report them here on our official Bug reporting thread!

Be sure to follow the shards Development on Trello!

Ship Wrights will now sell all 4 galleons.
New players will now start with a stat book.
New players will now start with a 5x 90.0 skill book.
All new Boss Ranking system by their Difficulty levels.
New Starting armor sets for humans and elfs.
New starting armor set for gargs.
New command [PetLore will now show you the taming needed for tamables and how many control slots they use.
Pet Experience scroll to the token stone.
Socket deed was put on token stone only.
Weapon leveling deed was put on token stone.
Armor leveling deed was put on token stone.
All new power hour system!
All new shard based discord bot system!
You can now craft 4 new mana potions using alchemy.
MOTD system back into the shard.
All new mana potions.
New command [AddToParty rather then using the old party gump you can now add anyone that's online.
5 New armor sets have been added into the shard!
5 new custom quests to get the new armor sets have been added into the shard.
50 new mobs to the monster contract quests.
horse spawners in cove.
Tal Rasha the necromancer has been added to doom.
Griswold the legendary black smith has been added to britian.
Romeo has been added to trinsic.
New loot item on to devour of souls devourer tooth.
New loot item on imps music pages.
Cow King has been added to Cove!
New loot item to cows, and bulls, Cow Horn.
Sigon the dragon slayer has been added to luna!
New loot item on dragons Dragon Claw.
Lady lucks sister for gold lottery's!
Lady Luck will still have token lottery's!

Prices of boats and galleons so they are a fair bit more!
najasaurus resisting spells got a nerf should not have been 190.
Corrupted Animal Trainer got a large nerf.
Kocyte got (Superior) Boss title.
Corrupted Animal Trainer got (Superior) Boss Title.
Shadow Figure got (Superior) Boss Title.
Lady Cleopatra got (Superior) Boss title.
All (Superior) bosses got large nerfs.
All Custom Random bosses got the (Uber) Boss Title.
Evil Geneticist Got the (Minor) Boss Title.
Insane Bio Engineer Got the (Minor) Boss Title.
Abomination Got The (Minor) Boss Title.
Aoe damage on all bosses got a large nerf to chance happening and damage.
Socket deeds were removed from the bonus loot system.
All socket deeds were removed from the server in this patch unless they were bought from the token stone.
Bag of loose coins will no longer drop Platinum.
Platinum Coins have been removed from the server.
Andrew the platinum Merchant has been removed.
Fel mobs will no longer drop skill books now they will go back to dropping skill scrolls.
Shields will now drop as common loot with luck bonus!
All common loot items have a chance of now dropping with a skill mod.
Our custom Artifact system got another huge overhaul.
Gold panning now requires you to have begging as a skill.
Food decay was put back to stock OSI timers.
Hunger was raised from 20 max to 100.
Hunger gump was changed to fit the new hunger cap.
Tracking skill you are now able to track players, mobs and etc in range of 100 tiles.
Tracking cooldown has been changed from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
Skill scrolls were put back into the server since skill books were removed.
Deco was added to the monster hunter house so it stands out a bit more in town center.
Loot for lock pick chests has been changed and upgraded.
Paragon Treasure chests will now drop more gold.
Paragon treasure chests will now drop tokens.
Paragon treasure chests now have a chance of dropping artifacts.
paragon treasure chests now have a chance at dropping dyes.
Paragon treasure chests hue range is now 1 - 3,000.
Sos chests got more artifacts added to the chest list.
Sos chests will now drop tokens.
Sos chests got increased gold amounts.
Treasure map chests got more artifacts added to the chest list.
Treasure map chests will now drop tokens.
Treasure map chests got increased gold amounts.
Dungeon lock pick chests got a low chance at giving you a Minor Artifact!
Fish Ids are now correct to the name of the fish you catch!
All RNG based VvV items got luck removed from their roll chance.
All Uber bosses got new loot added to the their drop tables.
All Uber bosses got a large nerf to aoe damage.
All Superior bosses got large damage nerfs to reflect their boss tag.
All Superior bosses got their aoe damage nerfed.
All Superior bosses got new loot added to the their tables.
All Superior bosses got their AOE range nerfed.
All Minor Bosses got a damage nerf to reflect their Boss tag.
A Stone Elemental got the Minor Boss tag.
Mana Refresh potions were removed from the server.
Mana potions were put in place on the server.
New player champ has been removed from hythloth.
Cleaning up brit reward prices have been adjusted to remain balanced.
Name for the new quest giver.
Felucca now has gates on both sides so you can no longer go to fel and not have a moongate back.
New player starting location has been changed.
devourer of souls tooth drop chance got raised from 5% - 10%
Every World Teleporter got changed and moved by a handful of tiles.
Updated the new player guide book for the shard so it has all the new proper information for the shard in it for new players.

Extinct Treasure Chest it is now cursed.
Skrees will now use mystic rather then melee.
Server crash bug with old faction town stones they have all been removed.
Skill increase items were not taking you over skill cap it has now been fixed and will do so!
Hp was capping at 125 with item boosts it will no longer do that cap was changed for all you 100+ strength players.
Stat caps were not working properly they have now been fixed it seemed you would cap max stat at 125 per stat it has been changed and fixed.
Altering Items has gotten fixed in this patch.
You were not able to feed Gamans as they did not eat hay their food type has been changed to fish.
Rats would not eat their food type as it was hay they had their food type changed to meat.
Skill books have been removed as they were not working properly.
Imbuing items with resistants has been fixed.
Bug allowing players to pick up exodus chests.
Exodus Loot in the chests have been fixed.
Glitch with the skills codex book.
Mob AI way point marks being able to be looted using [loot.
Players able to drop skill codex books for other characters.
Stone elementals were dropping bonus loot items every kill.
Potion key will now hold all of our custom potions except skill potions.
Bug in hythloth making you fall through the floor.
Clothing on the item ranking system it should be ranking correctly now.
Alot of spawners come this patch.

Staff Comments:
This patch will be focusing on boss mobs we will have a ranking category for all bosses.
(Uber), (Superior), (Minor)
They will all display their Rank title before you even fight them so you know what ones to take head on and ones to stay away from unless you have some friends.
Their title will be right after their name.

We made the changes to allow skill items to take you over skill caps.

Alot of time went into working on the new revamped chests that are already in the game such as.
Sos Chests, Treasure Map Chests, Paragon monster Chests, and of course dungeon lock pick chests!

A lot of focus with this patch was fixing spawns and cleaning up spawns and spawners in total 6,853 spawners were edited in this patch let alone the others
That got edited in the past patches some may need more fine tweaking but at this time most spawners and spawns should be a lot smoother then they were!
We also removed a handful of double spawners for some reason we had these not sure why but they have been removed and it helped alot as it removed,
9,000 extra mobs from the server that was not needed and of course over 30,000 items!

A lot of new deco work has been done to the shard come this patch and even more to come in the next patches!

Evo pets got pushed back as a handful of bugs were discovered when testing them that will give us a handful of roadblocks!
But they are being worked on and coded they will be out Asap!

A lot more work got put into the website come this patch more guides have gotten posted and many other guides were updated with new information!

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