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Patch 19.2 Public Beta
Heamo_GoblinDate: Saturday, 2020-10-31, 10:12 PM | Message # 1
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Patch 19.2 Public Beta
Be sure to follow the shards Development on Trello!

Slight chance for all gargoyles to drop a gargoyle chest containing a random garg tool.
Item Donation chest to the new player dungeon area.
More area to the new player dungeon their is now a new player area before entering the dungeon.
Banker was added to the new player area.
Pet Trainer to buy a horse was added to the new player area.
Beard restyling deeds for all characters.
Hair restyling deeds for all characters.
Both deeds were added to the item recolor stone.
All new bosses 1,000,000 in total all custom names hues body ids and special moves.
Complete new random boss system has been completed their are many of bosses to fight an you will never fight the same boss twice with this new system.
All new invasion event system for events.
Custom bosses to all of ish dungeons.
Rough stone elemental now has a chance of dropping a bag of gems.
Custom bosses to all felucca dungeons.
9 all new custom tamable mounts have been added to the valley of eodon!
[Hunger Command was added to help track your food and hydration levels with the changes done to hunger and thirst.
Custom bosses to all trammel dungeons.
Custom bosses got added to the few dungeons in tokuno.
Spawner for harvestable Regs to Town Center.
All new Training elemental to help players gain their combat skills a bit faster so they can go an adventure!
All new training items for all classes and races.
You can find all the new ways for training in the new training area located at Town Center In the Green Moongate!
More lock pick chests to destard in felucca and trammel.
Pet shrink potions to the animal trainer npc.
Pet leashes to the animal trainer npc.
Skill books to replace skill scrolls skill books will let you chose the skill you want points in rather then the scrolls dropping with a random skill.
New match making system to help players meet each other and have friends to hunt with it can be used with the new command [matchmaking.
More itemids were added to the custom artifact system.
new system in place with food you can now eat food to heal you This system was put in place to give the cooking skill value!
Ridable War Hog was added into the game.
Ridable Capybara was added into the game.
Two new ridable mounts have been spawned at the valley of eodon!
Item leveling system has been added into the shard only for weapons, an armor.
Evo System has been added into the shard pets need work but will be coming soon.
Doom gauntlet point system into the shard, So now each boss you kill will five you so many points an when you hit the point cap you will be givin an item.
Rather then just going round after round getting dry loot.
Three reward box spawns to the new player dungeon for new players to find and get some decent items out of.
New custom tamable pet Shadow Drake!
New custom tamable picky beetle it will pick up all gold that is on the ground!
More helms to our custom artifact system some where missing they have now been added.
[ResetSkill "Then the desired skill" will then reset the skill to 0 for those accidental times of gaining focus or meditation!
Evo system has been added into the shard but on reserve untill we can balance out the pets!
Huge New pvm damage system has been completed and put into the server so your melee weapons will do more damage!
New Mob for the Halloween event killer pumpkin.
new mob for the Halloween event headless horseman.
More changes to pvm mobs will now do less damage when fighting you.
Bag of dyes to the supply stone for players training taming by crafting pet dyes with pet brushes.
[SellPet command for all the tamers trying to gain skill and don't wanna craft dyes you can now tame pets and just sell them for gold!
Three all new party bombs to the token stone, One will heal a party, one will cure a party, and the last one will give the party mana back.
New custom champion spawn to Fire Dungeon in felucca.
New custom champion spawn to Ice dungeon in felucca.
New custom Champion Spawn to Hythloth dungeon in felucca.
Relics as a drop to all custom bosses.
Over 900+ New items to the Relic System.
Corpse Token was added to the token stone so players are able to carry it with them so they can get their corpse back with out using the corpse summoner.
All new Artifact chest was added to the bonus loot system and the shards custom bosses another 2,000+ Artifacts for you to obtain!
New Ancient Treasure Chest into the shard.
New area to Termur Abandoned Town.
Spawns to the abandoned town.
Deco has been added to the abandoned town.
New boss mob Kocyte has made his way into Termurs Stone Pyramid!
New Shadow Figure Boss has been added to the Termur Map in the arch circle.

Amount of damage from the custom bosses aoe's They got a large nerf.
Amount of damage was changed for all the egyptian custom mobs they got a nerf.
Item stones got a huge update and overhaul.
Rough Stone elementals stats got a large overhaul an will now spawn with a larger range of hues.
Rough stone elemental also got our famous random name hue so you can tell its a custom spawn.
Rough stone elemental now drops more rough stones then before so rather then 2-20 its now 5-30
More rough stone elemental spawns were put in rock dungeon rather then just one.
Busted potion kegs that could be looted from lock pick chests have gotten a buff they now can give you any potion in the shard rather then just OSI potions.
Cooking will be viable with the hunger and thirst system that will be implemented.
Hunger skill has been reworked so as long as you stay fed and hydrated you will not fail as much when casting spells you will also gain increased regans and hit accuracy!
Bee keeper was removed from new haven and put into Town Center.
Food and thirst decay timer has been changed due to the new system that was put in place it was -1 hunger and thirst every 5 minutes it is now -1 every 10 minutes.
Pet airfreshners now come in 4,000 Hue colors.
Item dyes now come in 4,000 Hue colors.
Skill scrolls have been removed.
Skill books have been put in place of the skill scrolls.
All custom fel mobs will now drop skill books rather then skill scrolls.
Quivers will now hold 1,000 arrows rather then 500 and can now hold 100 stones compared to 50.
New player guide book was removed from new players backpack when they first start.
instead of just 5 characters per account it has been changed to 7 now after talking with players.
Tomb of kings moongate location got moved a little ways back from the dungeon entrence.
Cooked food was removed from all npcs.
Jar of hunny on npcs had their prices adjusted to go with the beekeeping system.
Baker npc had a flour sifter and rolling pen added to its buy menu.
farmer npc got prices changes to his food.
all npcs that sale soup or bowls of food got the price changed.
All mobs Egyptian mobs got a larg nerf this patch to be more balanced.
Wood Pulp got a hue color so it no longer looks like bread dough.
Spawners for new haven harvestable crops have been edited and fixed.
Pet breeding was removed to help keep the shard balanced also alows us to make more comlex and powerful pets.
Universal dye tub got its hue range changed it can now come in 1-3,000 hue colors.
Imbuing recipes to weight 0.1 stone rather then 1.0 stone.
Interior Deco tool got a complete overhaul to its options menu.
Pet breeding button was removed from the pet info gump.
Galleon Emergency repair time was changed from 5 minutes to 2.
Pet stable price was changed from 30gp per day to 300gp per day.
Evil Bio mobs got a small hp buff and stat rebalance.
Evil Bio mobs have had their loot drops changed before they only dropped empty dna vials and organics now they will drop all bio items and a stack of organics.
Genetic failures got a hp boost was 20-110 it is now 20-310.
Legendary Animal Trainer was removed from exodus dungeon and put into spectre dungeon.
Spawners in sanctuary.
Spawners in blighted grove.
Spawners in bedlem.
Spawners in palace of paroximus.
Spawners in travesty.
Triton got a rebalance when it came to his skills.
new player area got a big overhaul more trainers were added to handle our growing players base.
RatMan mages were removed from the new player dungeon
Frost mite got a rebalance when it came to his hp.
Alot of bosses were rebalanced with damage and hp changes to reflect our new pvm system.
New OSI loot system was put back in place in this patch with all new rebalances.
Gem pouch had all ML gems removed from its storage.
Made a handful more balance changes to the loot system all items now have the chance to spawn with a skill bonus.
Forgotten Container was removed from the bonus loot system.
Bonus loot system has gotten another rework to be more balanced.
Stats for the dragon wolf have gotten a nerf and rebalance.
Removed the old Animal Trainer Boss Put in a new completely rebalanced recoded and reworked.
New player guide book was put back into the shard so when new players start they will have one in their pack.
New player area gate was removed from town center.
New player camp was added to the world teleporters.
Vendor Mall Was Added To The World Teleporters.
Halloween event has been shut down.
All wrapped candy spoiled since Halloween is over.

Spelling errors with the global death announcer.
Elfs night sight passive has been fixed and is working.
Hiding not braking mob aggro has now been fixed when you hide it takes a mob a couple of seconds but aggro does brake.
Bug with Vampiric embrace spell making mounts go invisible no longer happens.
House decay has been shut off as of now it will be turned on at a later time.
Mobs will no longer flee from combat when low on life.
Massdispell chance got raised so it works as it should.
Carpentry gump spacing on the gump was off it has now been corrected.
bug with the animal trainer only letting you buy 5 brushes rather then all 20 he has.
Bug with the bounty guards spawning then disappearing.
bug with the skill book opening blank when at gm skills even when eating a power scroll.
bug with wraith form not leaching mana properly has been fixed.
bug with wild fire and wraith form not leaching mana has been fixed.
bug with thunderstorm not replacing mana has been fixed.
bug with word of death not doing the proper damage has been fixed.
bug with arcane empowerment not giving the proper amount of bonus have been fixed.
bug with crafting magical jewelry with runics making the items not hold stats has been fixed, Only thing we did not do was make regualer jewelry hold stats.
bug with the new skills book allowing you to add skill points to skills with out using a powerscroll.
spanwers got fixed in termur Thomb Of Kings so mobs are no longer spawning in walls.
a bug with the item leveling system not displaying on armor or weapons has now been fixed.
a bug with skills gaining past the 720 skills cap has been fixed.
spawners in destard. Seems their was a couple duplicate spawners they have now been removed.
3 bad spawns in the travesty area some of the Tiger Claw Gang were on a spawner with a error on their name has now been fixed.
spelling error on the pvp death announcer.
Cleaned up alot of spawns this patch so if you see mobs spawning into walls let staff know so we can get them fixed and working as they should!
Resource Storage key removed the duplicate item from the storage and also fixed a spell error on the gump.
Missing imbuing Resources were added the to resource key.
Evo pets can no longer level as they should not have been able to.
Another gump category bug was fixed with the carp tool.
a bug with the animal taming potion not working correctly.
Animal taming anger rate on wild pets has been fixed.
spectre dungeon the unwalkable black tiles were fixed.
2 missing imbuing ingredients to the resource storage elven fletching and crushed glass.
added another missing imbuing ingredient fey wings to the resource storage container.
Fixed gump on the resource storage container as some items were a bit off they have now been centered.
Custom bosses loot packs have been adjusted so they will now drop alot of loot as they should.
All custom Felucca Mobs got all new loot packs.
Fixed a bug with an area in Hythloth so you can no longer fall into the ground.
All old skill scrolls have been removed from the server.
All old crafter Training books have been removed from the server.
Skree it will now use mythic rather then melee.
All old tents have been removed from the server.

Staff Comments:
A Handful of accounts were deleted from the shard in this patch mainly accounts of players that had less then 1 hour of game time to free up item space, names
An to keep the account amounts down their was 100+ accounts so cleaned them out to about 30-40 active accounts.

This patches main focus was bug fixes that had been left undone for far too long on the trello list.
I have squashed alot of the bugs we are down to a vary minimal number now to work with rather then 20+ when i started this patch.

The new way to heal food! The brand new food system has been put into the shard allowing you to eat food and heal your player!
This was done and aimed at hopefully making cooking a viable crafter skill as their will be a market for food.
As all npcs in game no longer sale cooked food only raw! Happy hunting and never stay hungry!

We have put in place 2 other systems one being levelable weapons and armor, and we went ahead and put in Evo pets.
The systems are in the shard as of now but we will be doing alot more coding to them before they will be test ready.
They should be test ready by next shard patch!

Introducing the new pvm system to the shard i feel was a huge much needed quailty of life change for Ultima period!
you should never be forced into a class or build that you don't enjoy playing just to play server or a game!
So with this huge combat rework and overhaul that was done you can now be that mage you always dreamed of slaying dragons with just your mage spells!
Edits were also put in to mobs damage so they will not hit you for so much all mobs got a damage Nerf.

Alot of work has went into the website come this patch also updating guides and putting in more information and new information!

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