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512AA (AA - After Armageddon)
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Past Eras:

Age Of Darkness:

This age revolved around a time of political turmoil in Sosaria, with the land comprised of warring city-states which lacked a unified leader. Monsters and murderous humans roamed the countryside and attacked unprepared travellers and known major dungeons and towers swelled with horrors. Portions of this time were later rewritten to form historical continuity, as the deaths of both Mondain and Minax were carried out in realms of the distant past, such as that events of the future were radically transformed.
During this era, the Eight Virtues had not yet been established by Lord British, with day-to-day existence frequently consisting more of basic survival between warring minions and kingdoms. Due to Mondain's connections with the mysterious "star-walking" race of the void and Minax's later alteration of the time stream, technology, such as time machinesspace ships, and advanced weaponry often mingled with the medieval component of the feudal fiefdoms. All life in this era was darkened by the shadow of evil known as Mondain, Minax, and Exodus.

Age of Enlightenment:

The Age of Enlightenment takes place in a time of prosperity for Sosaria/Britannia. The war in this time period is a spiritual one; the people long for a meaningful foundation on which to base their lives. Other lessons must also be learned about the dangers of racism, prejudice, and the dangers of basing strict laws on an ethical system. The central focus point in this age is the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, the book that holds all answers, as reaching it was the goal in Ultima IV, its removal from its shrine caused the events of Ultima V and it became one of the central points of conflict in Ultima VI. Ironically, removing the Codex from the world altogether would prove the solution to the problem, as it was the temptation to monopolize its knowledge that caused all the problems in the first place.
In the Stygian Abyss, survival under even the most difficult of circumstances has to be learned, while at the same time virtue has to be upheld as many of its inhabitants, despite their looks, are peaceful. Other worlds outside of Britannia then call for different solutions from the Avatar, who is confronted with things outside of normal context.

Age Of Armageddon:

The Age of Armageddon is the final Ultima age. The world of Britannia is again under attack, this time by a malevolent extradimensional entity known as The Guardian. His plots, both subtle and blunt, often carried out with the help of willing lackeys, threaten to tear Britannia and other worlds asunder. Only the Avatar, the famed Britannian hero and paragon of the Eight Virtues, can set things right – and in the end, in a way totally unexpected. In the process the Avatar will discover the sheer wake of despair and destruction the Guardian has caused by his conquest of numerous worlds, and the depths of deceit the red titan is capable of in order to achieve his goals. Despite the sheer scale of the atrocities the Guardian has caused, only the path of Virtue can correct the one, even if being forced to commit questionable deeds in the process of fighting the Guardian.

512AA Current Era:

Mondain's evil did not end with his death. In addition to both Minax and Exodus attempting to avenge him in the years to come, the shattering of the Gem of Immortality had powerful ramifications for the lands of Sosaria, and may have been responsible for the disappearance of three of its major continents – at least one of which was later discovered to have reformed as a world in its own right.

In addition to this, shards of the broken gem still exist deep within the bowels of the earth, carrying with them fragments of the evil they once represented. Many years later, the ship-wrecked crew of the Ararat came across three of these shards, which transformed three of their lot into the malevolent Shadowlords – dark beings who would come to imprison the then established Lord British, and to corrupt his appointed regent.

Furthermore, the magician's own skull proved an artifact of dark power, as Mondain had likely placed a magical matrix within it, allowing it to be used to kill numerous victims even long after his death. Any who invoked such dread magics, however, were stripped of the Virtues within them for this wicked act. During the early Age of Enlightenment, this thing of evil could be found at the bottom of the Great Sea between three volcanoes, from which the isle of Terfin would eventually arise.

The remaining gem shards would later come to destroy the world that everyone once knew only for it to return but under far more evil then it once was, the Avatar would claim these lands as his own giving it the name Stones! Watching the lands fall into pillage and corruption from the mortals killing one another and evil running rampant he said "I will watch from a distance as you mortals shape these lands in order to tell your own story" "Stones is yours now create the worlds new Lore!" The Avatar left the lands in the hands of the mere mortals that accompanied it to follow the Virtues he once knew!

To Be Continued!

Forum » (Server) » Our World & History » 512AA (AA - After Armageddon) (When did stones become new lands?)
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